Big Page Has ‘No Fear’

Forgive me for being on the late bus regarding this track and video by Big Page, but I will freely admit that I'm a bit cautious about new Hip Hop these days. Some younger cats have been piquing my interest, and this rapper from Toronto has done it. Rhyming over a DJ Kahlil beat, "No Fear" is apparently Page's tale of being slighted after a collaborator--possibly Drake--left him in the proverbial dust. That person's loss may be our gain once Page's Things Young Ppl Do album reportedly drops this Spring. It's been quite some time since Hip Hop provided anything that moved me emotionally. This is one such example of it being used for such a purpose. 

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3 Responses

  1. Very introspective and personal. Good music, decent flow & lyrics.

  2. isn't that Drake singing at the end?


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