Everyone & Their Mama Joins Jay Electronica Onstage For ‘Exhibit C’

As much as I love Wu-Tang Clan, I was never a huge fan of their live shows. Too many cooks--err, random blockhuggers--can spoil the soup. That being said, my love for Jay Electronica remains untested as I watch this clip of him, Diddy, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and 12 of their closest friends who don't need to be onstage present for a recent performance of his "Exhibit C" in New York City. Yes, the song is still amazing and Diddy's ad libs are so priceless that I swore I almost thought Biggie was going to enter stage left, mic held dangerously close to his face. This clip is certainly better than Idris Elba's version of this track that I am opting to forever banish from my memory. Waiting on Jay Electronica is like "waiting on babies" to quote Ghostface Killah, but I'll wait so long as I get to enjoy gems such as this.

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  1. I haven't watched the clip yet, but I'm sure I'm gonna like it..... that is a dope joint.. I thought Idris just spun records, I didn't know he actually made 'mixes'.

  2. As much as I love hip hop, there are several reason why I also hate it. This video being one of them. There is no way in hell I would pay my hard earned money to see 3/4 of any rapper out there because most have no stage presence or really dont know how to entertain. What happened to scoop and scrap type dancers? what happened to artist actually performing? now a days all you get is a 45 minute set of fools standing on stage holding their johnsons and mean mugging. For every MC who still puts on a good show (Busta comes to mind) there are a dozen rappers who personality wise couldnt entertain a class full of retard (I mean mentally challenged) kids.

  3. Scoop and
    you're dating yourself stony...but damn I feel you and agree. It's been down hill since the Trouble T Roy days and since labels cut the dancers/insurance liability out of the equation.
    Unfortunately rappers don't spend the time Busta and Spliff do on prep. It becomes impossible for any sound man to manage even the best of house systems with more than four mics out there. It's unfortunate but they did the only thing they could when dealing with such a logistical hot mess of stage presence. Notice the true artist like Mos and Talib aren't talking over the MC. Notice the DJ kills the track sound during lyrical punch the end that's pretty much all you can do to curtail multiple hot breaths in mics.

  4. Love the clip...was actually in the house for this, and it was madness...i'm just happy i finally got to see Jay spit a full rhyme...not only do you wait for him to show, he might be in a talky, high mood (aka Governors' Isle, 2009)...blockhuggers, stagehuggers, etc.: the "hype" man is still in effect...mostly weak egos and even weaker rhymes need like 20 of 'em...but sometimes energy is just high and a song is so dope, e'rybody just wants to join in...think that was the energy in the Highline on this night!

  5. love the song- hated that "performance". He needs a few more of those before he smells himself too much


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