Foreign Exchangers Explore Their Creative Sides On Solo Projects

Like any good relationship, it's better for all parties involved to have time away from each other in order to explore the world on their own so that they can all bring new experiences to their partnership. That being said, two members of The Foreign Exchange, Darien Brockington and Carlitta Durand, dropped projects over the holidays. After listening to the projects, each artists' musical personality becomes clearer. It will be interesting to see what The Foreign Exchange collective comes with in the future, but in the meantime, we can peruse these offerings.

Darien Brockington's Cold Case Files is more reflective of his grown man-R&B vibe that we're mostly used to hearing from him. His 23-track album is perfect for those wanting to set the mood or get their two-step on with more mid-tempo tracks. My favorite track, "Don't Be Afraid," fits the category of the former and is dangerously close to being put on repeat for the rest of today.
Darien Brockington: "Don't Be Afraid"

carlitta-durand-vaughn-garcia-present-the-doug-and-patty-ep-540.jpgCarlitta Durand and Vaughn Garcia's The Doug & Patty EP is clearly a reference to the now-defunct cartoon and is also more indicative of Carlitta's youthful and quirky style. It's a sound that works well for her, even though I'm used to hearing her sing heavier-sounding tracks with The Foreign Exchange. Take a sample of what she's bringing below.

Carlitta Durand & Vaughn Garcia feat. Big Chopps: "Alright"

All in all, I'm rather happy to know that there is an outfit in music today whose members are all able to consistently wow audiences and please more discerning listeners alike. Hopefully, this month's Grammy Awards will prove that they are deserving of industry accolades as well.

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7 Responses

  1. Carlitta joint is fire.........................Dariens...not so much maybe 3 bangers out of 21 songs

  2. I'll have to disagree with the previous comment. Darien's new project is a banger. While there a couple of songs that miss the point, overall its a great mixtape. The Carlitta Durand mixtape is decent. Expected more from her but its still good.

  3. I really dig Carlita's sound. I've never been able to get into Darien. Maybe this will be my chance in 2010.

  4. I really like Darien's. Yeah there are a few songs I could deal without but a solid one still. I've yet to get a good listen to Carlitta's a good listen.

  5. I'm a big fan of D-Brock he has a great voice and nice range. His work with Little Brother, FE and guest vocals with groups like 4hero are really good. His solo work not so much. His solo album had great vocals and weak to wack beats. It's funny because the Carlitta Durrand joint is what D-Brocks should be, great vocals and soundscapes that really work. I would really love for D-Brock to do an album with Nicolay. Darien seems to be the type of cat who does not have good taste in beats and needs somebody to handle the music picking and he should focus on the vocals.

  6. Hey... I personally liked D-Brock's first solo album (Somebody To Love).... I thought it was dope album personally.... and dude can BLOW... so, I definitely am interested in hearing the follow-up

  7. Love the Doug and Patty EP. .... And the Rihanna skit cracks me up.


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