Jay Electronica Is Such A Tease With ‘Exhibit A’

I'm normally not a big fan of video teasers. After all why show me the milk when I can get the cow for free at a later date? My irritation with teasers aside, it looks as though I'm going to have to give Jay Electronica a pass on his video teaser for "Exhibit A." Granted, I've been loving this song since 2008 and I've already seen the pictures of him as a latter day Indiana Jones in an faraway land where this video was shot. But no matter. Any additional reason I can claim to hear this song again, even when it's under one minute in length, is cause enough for my own personal jubilation.


2 Responses

  1. the aftertaste of maty soul was rinsed away by :21. thanks jay.

  2. The video is dope. JAY E., PUT THAT ALBUM OUT. You gotta do that. You got a lot of dope stuff.


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