Little Brother Plans Last Stand With ‘LeftBack’

Ever since hearing the news that Little Brother had decided to hang their mics up as a duo, I've been in mourning. Because, you see, way before I developed a love jones for The Foreign Exchange's brand of Soul Hop, it was all about Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh (and 9th Wonder, too, before he bounced). With each criminally underrated album--The Listening, The Minstrel Show and GetBack--these brothas reminded me of why I fell for Hip Hip in the first place. Their combination of banging beats, snappy samples and witty wordplay gave me what I needed when I wanted it. So when they decided to go their separate ways, I understood why given their other musical pursuits but it's been hard to get over.

Now with the announcement that their fourth and final album, entitled LeftBack,
is dropping on April 20th, I can grieve a little less knowing that Tay
and Pooh have something dope in store for their fans. They've enlisted
the talents of Khrysis, Zo!, Symbolic One, Darien Brockington, Chaundon, the First Lady of FE, Yahzarah, and numerous others on LeftBack, which will be released in a combo CD/DVD on Hall Of Justus. Looking to step their music video game up, the DVD will include videos to three cuts from the record.

I don't know about anyone else, but for the first time in a long time, I'm excited about a Hip Hop album. Leave it to Little Brother to elicit that feeling. 

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8 Responses

  1. I'm totally hoping this new record is more like, The Listening and The Minstrel Show and less like Get Back. As much as I loved the first two records and the mixtapes I just couldn't dig Getback, I only really messed with two tracks on that joint, Extra Hard and Breakin' My Heart are the only things I even like off that record. So please Tay and Pooh give us that real hip-hop again and go out with a bang.

  2. I need to repurchase all my LB CDs again (like it was the first time listening). This reminds me of when Tribe broke up.

  3. i sure hope they don't hang it up because all their cds are classics and in the rotation daily for sure.

  4. I love little brother...There I said it. However there is no little brother as I know it without 9th on the productions. Will I scoop up the album? yeah I will. Will I complain like a SOB if it's wack? yes I will. Pound for pound there might be only one or two MC's alive who can touch Phonte when he aint trying to be the new luther vandross and sing all the time:)

  5. I loooved Getback! I also purchased and Justus for All, but didn't dig it as much as the first 3 official releases. I am a huge fan of LB so I'll be getting this too, but I am SO SAD that they aren't making any new music together. I listened to the latest Gordon Gartrell and I understand Tay's view but I still don't like it.

  6. Not counting "And Justice For All", "Separate But Equal" and "Chitlin Circuit", this is the order of LB albums, from BEST to LEAST BEST (they don't have a 'worst')
    1. Getback
    2. The Listening
    3. Minstrel Show
    Getback is their best album. Best assembly of varied concepts into a cohesive collection. I'm a fan of 9th and give him props on his flourishing career, but LB improved after the split. They matured. Pooh stepped up in a big way. And THE BEATS! Not a slack joint on there. I love that it's only 11 tracks. Say what you have to say, say it with conviction and be the hell out. And then you end the album with "When Everything Is New"? That's superhero music.
    Pooh and Tay will probably work together again but nothing lasts forever. The past is the past and LB had a great one. We should be happy that the future looks even brighter for them as individual artists.
    If this is too hard to accept, refer to Tay's verse on "Can't Win For Losing.

  7. I was hooked on LB after "The Listening" and GETBACK is my favorite album because it demonstrated their lyrical strength went beyond 9th Wonder's production as they flourished over other producers' beats. Phonte is the front man, but make no mistakes RAPPER BIG POOH goes IN on these bammas as well. They're both masters in their lane and although this is the end of LB, I KNOW it's only the beginning for Tay and Pooh. Respect.

  8. Man...first the Fat Boys break up, now this! *sigh*