Mar Loves All The ‘Girls’

I like my music to fall within the alternative vein. I'm not even going to pretend that I know anything that is being played on the radio. That being said, if forced at gunpoint to name the artists in Young Money or a recent hit of theirs, Jackie Chan would have to scissor kick his way and me out of that situation. When I heard that Mar lent his vocals to S1 and Caleb's take on Young Money's "Every Girl," I audibly moaned but felt confident that I would be in for something different. Mar has never disappointed me before, right? With regards to "Every Girl," original and rework, I will say this: the beat was always nice and Mar's vocals make this track so much nicer than the Auto-Tune-plagued original. This is one track that definitely did not get lost in translation. [H/T: MVT]

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4 Responses

  1. Love it, just wish that it was longer.

  2. This track is so lush... love it

  3. that was atrocious.whew

  4. Aside from...all the cussin', this track is...AWESOME. The chords are redic. Kinda reminds me of a dude floetry. They got a sick jam. And that endin', bonkers!