Morning Soul: Don’t Keep On Pushing Me

  • Eric Roberson is reveling in his first GRAMMY nomination. [RTRS]
  • Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Luda and Diddy are all confirmed performers for an upcoming relief concert for Haiti set to air next month on VH1, MTV, and that station.  [SR]
  • Corrine Bailey Rae's The Sea tour is coming to my area. *dances a jig* Is it coming to yours? [LD]
  • From what I'm hearing, Coultrain's upcoming album will be another sure-fire winner to add to your most anticipated list. [BLS]
  • The dancing Filipino prisoners are back. And this time they're official. Michael Jackson's longtime choreographer came in to teach them some moves. [IDOL]

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3 Responses

  1. FYI...this telethon is being produced mainly by BET. The channel isn't ALL bad...

  2. This makes me sad... The good artists like Corinne hardly ever come to Houston. They don't get enough support from Houstonians. Everybody wanna listen to screw and scare all the good people off. I swear, I gotta get away from here, and find somplace where I belong. 'Cuz my musical spirit ain't getting fed in Texas.

  3. @imsofamous - This is only a partial list so more dates might be added. But if your musical spirit ain't getting fed, you might have to make some moves girl! That's serious business.