Rihanna Redeems Herself With This ‘Song’

Here at SoulBounce, we reserve the right to behave like les enfants terribles we have every right to be. If you haven't noticed, around here, we love Soul music and we hold those people who hold it in their hands to rigorous standards. I know we've clowned certain Pop stars to no end and it's only because they're music they've been pushing has been about as substantial as eating cotton candy on an empty stomach. But every now and then, we get reminded that some of Pop's current tartlets have talent once they take a moment, slow down, and quit gyrating their pelvises in our faces. Case-in-point: Rihanna on Oprah singing Bob Marley & The Wailers' "Redemption Song." She sounds just about the best that I've ever heard her and the proceeds go to Haitian relief efforts. For more info, click here. In the meantime, make sure you take a moment to see Rihanna as the artist she is without the gossip, drama, and emo-less antics.

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13 Responses

  1. I am physically sick of seeing this broad everyday..............Absolutely no talent what so ever.

  2. Sorry SoulBounce, I just can't bring myself to listen to anything Rihanna "sings". She has no talent. Charity or otherwise, bish should just write a check and keep it moving. Who is she doing to maintain this relevant?

  3. I am pretty flexible when it comes to music and singers but...Rihanna is SO style without substance defined.
    She had a coupla catchy tunes that I listened to when I caught them on wherever but her SINGING and MUSIC is not very good. Yeah, I said it she is gonna have a hard time maintaining a career. Look at Jennifer Lopez.. Well, I guess, Rihanna should look at Jennifer Lopez's music career

  4. You know, I honestly have to admit that I enjoyed Rihanna's performance on Oprah. She had a few vocal rough spots(what else is new), but I believe it was heartfelt and there were actually moments where I could hear what her voice COULD BE, if she gave it a chance to improve.
    Stoney, don't say anything to me. Ok?

  5. This was not "redeeming" dare you "Soulbounce" for endorsing this.
    We should instead support a charity that helps her find a vocal teacher...or one that supports a superior artist make it to the national stage.

  6. make a point:
    If Rhianna was WHITE and performed "Redemption Song" (or anything similar), the black music audience (esp. the "purists") would have her HEAD and be yelling FRAUD in as many tongues as they could.
    Let us not give passes for piss poor musicianship and "artistry" because someone is black, sexy, and/or they come from a black record label or our native home. "Bad" is Bad. "Alright" is Alright. "Marginal" is Marginal. All three of these words describe Rhianna's "talent". The biggest compliment should instead be paid to her stylist(s), hair & make-up artist(s) and her publicist.

  7. I hate to say this but this chick is starting to remind of a black version of Madonna. No real vocal talent, so she sells sex, sleeps with a new dude every week. The major differences? Madonna never tried to play the good girl or be a victim AND Madonna has way more talent and showmanship. Rihanna is a joke as an artist and regradless to what women will say, women cant act like men and sleep around. If you do, you're a skeezer...........

  8. Sounds like when I was a child and would stand in front of the fan to sing....TERRIBLE. Wish this girl would stop torturing us and go back to the Islands and errr..."sing".

  9. Bob Marley is the only one that can do this song justice. Period. But, there are some attempts that I've heard that haven't been too bad. The extra instrumentation and attempt at uptempo on this song though made my heart bleed while Rhianna's vocals made my ears bleed. I think Rhianna is gorgeous, but her career as a singer offends me terribly.

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    Redeeming? She sounds like a billygoat

  11. I think this clip shows that she has a true desire to be a singer, but fails miserably. She sounds awful, painful, but she looks like she is giving it her all. She her effort gets a B, but the reality is that was a D+ performance

  12. Wow, you guys are tough! I enjoyed her performance. I thought she did a good job.