Rogiérs Gives Us A New Sound With ‘Forever’

It's always good to hear about artists who started out as background singers or musicians getting an opportunity to come out on their own. Some of our greatest Soul singers like the late Luther Vandross spent a considerable amount of time on backing vocals before getting their own shine in the spotlight. Such is the story of Bounce-Worthy Soul artist Rogiérs. He spent five years touring with Alicia Keys as a backing vocalist and his experiences in that role and life in general helped him pen his debut CD Life & Music: All of It. While we wait patiently for a new disc, he is tiding us over with the release of a new single, "One of Them Good Girls," with a B-side cut, "Forever," available as special with purchase. On both tracks, Rogiérs is definitely getting his Alicia Keys on--modeling the songstress by doing the Soul/Pop switcheroo before we can blink and decide this is the direction we want to head into. "Forever" is 100% Pop, no ands, ifs or buts about it, but, admittedly, it's a bit catchy and an upbeat holler that Rogiérs is still alive and kicking. If you aren't feeling the Pop vibe, you may be a bit more satisfied when listening to "One of Them Good Girls" though, if you are seeking a Soul remedy. Yet, I must admit, the vibe on this track is definitely the one Jamie Foxx brought us earlier with his latest CD which may make us consider this try by Rogiérs a second runner-up.
In this case, second isn't necessary that bad, but who really wants to be a substitute? Here's hoping that Rogiérs doesn't give up on believing and knowing that his rich, smoky voice is good enough and not in need of the Pop injection that many artists often apply to their detriment.

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7 Responses

  1. I like-I like! GO RO...

  2. he's always got such a soothing, deep rooted sound & message... i'm lovin' this track! but i must confess, YOU'LL LIVE is my favorite of what i've heard of his works thus far.

  3. Is it just me or does dude looks like Mc Hammer, at a gay pride parade? -:)

  4. Rogiers is by far one of the flyest singers I have ever seen perform live on stage. He has reeeeeal jazz chops, and is voice is like a precious natural resource- you can actually feel a cool wind blow by when he sings. This dude is bad, please believe.

  5. ps-
    After careful observation of his posts, i conclude that stoneyisland definitely is a jealous hater. or a has-been who never was. or both 🙂

  6. I rarely comment, but Rogiers is something special! Good Girls is a wonderfully cosmopolitan addition to a perfectly soulful collection. His first album made a lasting impression with me, but this cut is unexpectedly awakening. Rogiers is most definitely a fixture in millenial soul music!! Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Soulbounce.

  7. Bounceworthy.


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