Soul Guru Donnie Simpson Says Goodbye To Radio

Maybe you'll be telling your age if you can remember the days where Donnie Simpson's green eyes smiled out at you as you happily watched BET's Video Soul in eager anticipation. In those days, BET was not as notorious as it is now as a playground for tomfoolery but, rather, it was a cultural mainstay where you could keep in the know about your favorite R&B and Soul acts. Simpson, pretty-boy handsome and just-as-nice-as-you-could-get personality was the liaison for us into the world of good ole Soul music. Already, a radio personality by then on Cathy Hughes' WKYS radio station in Washington, DC, Simpson was basically a cultural icon.

Fast forward more than 20 years later, and we still have love for Donnie. He hasn't been as visible on television, but, instead, a morning show personality for the radio station WPGC in the District. While the Washington Post reports this morning that Donnie will be saying good-bye to WPGC this Friday, with a contractual restriction that limits his ability to work at another radio station for the next year, we can only hope that this will not be the last we see (or hear) from Mr. Green Eyes. Check out this classic flashback of Donnie Simpson as host of Video Soul with the legendary Phyllis Hyman.

Donnie Simpson's last WPGC show likely Friday [WAPO]

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6 Responses

  1. NOOOOO! I was just listening to him this moring...wondering where he had been. i knew something was fishy when they changed the format of his show last month and added a female co-host. Boo! Boo on them. This really sucks.

  2. Donnie was and still is the man!
    And radio (non-compete) sucks.

  3. When I 1st moved to DCin 98 I listened to Donnie every morning but soon tired of him because he was just BORING. I hadn't listened to him in years but wish him luck.

  4. i remember when donnie WAS WKYS!! remember the lips on all the shirts?!!! i turned it on today when i heard he was leaving and had to force myself to listen to some crappy new hip hop tune and then was disappointed to hear this high pitch whiny squeal when i was expecting some silky smooth. i say he needs to go online. collect his own sponsors, play some REAL music and keep all the moulah himself. won't be as much, but he can go back to his detroit days of finding and playing real music.

  5. I hope the whole station crumbles shame on them for letting Donnie go! He is an instituition. Best of luck to you Mr Simpson.