SoulBouncers: Win A ‘Michael Jackson’s This Is It’ Prize Pack!

It's still a hard pill to swallow that Michael Jackson is no longer with us. But through his music, videos and so much more he lives on. When the behind-the-scenes footage of the rehearsals from the This Is It tour was packaged up and released to theaters this past fall, fans flocked to see a final glimpse of the master at work. Now with the release of Michael Jackson's This Is It on DVD we can all add it to our collections.

SoulBounce has special treat for our all of the MiJac lovers out there with a Michael Jackson's This Is It Prize Pack up for grabs. We're giving away everything listed below to one lucky Bouncer and all you have to do is enter after the bounce for a chance to win.

The Prize Pack includes:

1 "This Is It" DVD
1 mini poster
1 white t-shirt
1 "This Is It" soundtrack
1 original ticket
1 large poster

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25 Responses

  1. where exactly are we supposed to enter?

  2. My little brother and I would REALLY enjoy that. He's five and he already knows SO much about MJ.

  3. Absolutely loved the movie. It was MJ at his best. So sad he is gone. The concert would have been phenomenal.

  4. Love you michael

  5. I love Michael Jackson so much, he is an inspiration to me. I listen to his Music every day and will never stop. I will try to carry out his dream of helping the world the best that I can. Thank you Michael, Thank you for you music.

  6. gone but never forgotten people loved him all his life and will continue to do so. as for the haters, they can continue to hate what they can never be. we love you michael and we'll miss you always

  7. Plz send me the gifts...!

  8. U will forever be in my mind, heart and soul Michael... I love u always and forever ♥


  10. I always love mj he is the love of my life

  11. Michael jackson has always been my favorite, he is one of a kind...

  12. I miss Michael. It felt like he was family. He will always be the top of my list and I will make sure my future kids (if any lol) know who he is. MJ is one of a kind. We will have no other.
    L.O.V.E Michael!!!

  13. I really would like to win. I wanna see the This is it movie. I've only seen a little. 🙂 thanks!
    God Bless y'all!

  14. I can't believe that Michael Jackson is gone. I grew up on hs music, I would love to win this set. Michael could sing and do anything that his heart desired.

  15. really love to have MJ stuff.... miss you man! im a big fan.

  16. ' really love to have MJ stuff as a birthday present, it's gonna be my big day on 14th of february! .... miss you man! i'm a big fan.

  17. I love MJ!!

  18. I love MJ!!

  19. please notify me of any future mj comtests please.

  20. RIP Michael although we would rather have you here with's time for us to be selfless and know you're in a better place!! With love..

  21. I love Michael Jackson so much!

  22. I love Michael Jackson sooo much
    I miss him :'(

  23. Michael will be remembered for more than just his music! Michael will be remembered for his GIVING to OTHERS in NEED,how he SHOWERED them with LOVE & the JOY HE GAVE TO HIS FANS when they seen him! I will remember the SMILE,he wore on his face at all times! He never let us know how terribly hurt he must of been at times,by all the things that has been spoken against him! It wasn`t his nature.Michael was BEAUTIFUL & INNICENT, A HEART OF GOLD! May God bless you Michael,and the angels wrap their wings around you so that you may finally find some comfort & REST IN PEACE!


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