Black Spade Promises A ‘New U’

My affection for Black Spade has long been documented on this website. In my ranking of lyricists I love, Ghostface still sits squarely at the top position with Black Spade close behind. He's been spending an awful amount of time in Los Angeles and, while I haven't been stalking him, it would only make sense that he collaborate with the local artists here. Courtesy of J*DaVeY comes production on his latest track "New U." Is it my favorite Black Spade track? No. But it is some newness from him, and I will bump it in my ride all the same. Thanks to I Ced for the tip. 

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3 Responses

  1. this is why I love this site - I LOVE Black Spade so much I used his track (with permission of course) on my photography site..
    thanks for the peek at some new sound from him. I am very grateful

  2. - this is super dope,i loved the beat on the J DaVeY album but Black Spade killed it with the vocals and what not...

  3. Hot shit.......Stl gets it in....


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