Breezy Love Joy’s ‘Probabilities’ Are As Easy As His Name

I was introduced to Breezy Love Joy's EPK some time ago and, because it didn't hold my attention, I blew it off and kept it moving. After looking at his video for "Probabilities," however, I am more intrigued to find out more from this Los Angeles-based drummer, producer, singer, and lyricist.  Some of you may call me old-fashioned by liking a track so obviously jazzy and say that my Native Tongue roots are showing. The trouble is, they always do, and I can't deny the undeniable. I'm liking this so far, and will be doubly interested to see what else he has in store. 

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3 Responses

  1. some funky native tonguing licks deeply on that track. that sounds nasty but you know what i mean. I like it.

  2. I am really feeling this. Thanks for the intel ill mami

  3. After i heard jermain''s interview i was actually thinking this guy must have done his homework. Well he should not have handed the end result in, if i was marking it he would have failed with less than 40% for this one. This track would only appeal to an older audience, so why ruin this classic track and re-make it into a whack ass, no originality modern r&b disaster. Who told him he had done a good job, should have had Phonte on the vocal.....


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