Estelle Let’s Her ‘Freak’ Flag Fly

Estelle has come out of her bag with "Freak," an infectious dance floor funk fest that is giving me multiple eargasms with its' hot-ass Hip House meets Baltimore Club beat. The David Guetta production could slip easily into a mix with some early '90s cuts from Jomanda, K-Yze, Jungle Brothers or Miss Tony. Estelle sing-raps in her distinct British clip about being a freak and encouraging us to embrace our inner freak-a-zoids. She borrows the chorus from Soul II Soul's "Back To Life," and, although she is no Caron Wheeler, it's all good. Canada's Kardinal Offishall later joins her with a rap filled to the brim with sexual braggadocio. With lines like "Kiss me, slap me, pull my hair" and an envelope-pushing video on the way (preview after the bounce), this is a far cry from sweet-and-innocent "American Boy" Estelle. Press play and get your life below.

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2 Responses

  1. this is more b-more dance trend...hip house BPM's are usually a lil slower and have the kicks on all 4. then again what do i know? i'm just a DJ not a reviewer.

  2. You're right, Regend. I do hear the Bmore Club in this song (and I've added a mention above), but I hear that back in the day Hip House influence, too. I woulda definitely heard this in the house clubs circa '90, '91.