Has D’Angelo Returned From ‘1000 Deaths’?

That's at least what the internet has been buzzing over since this was unleashed yesterday. "1000 Deaths" is being touted as a demo from a previous album and a track from a promised upcoming James River in the same breath. All anyone knows is that this is something we haven't heard from D'Angelo before. And it's definitely grimy and not something that can be easily spoonfed to the masses. Which happens to be just how we like it. Those of you not into any type of fusion when it comes to your music may not be feeling this one, but with artists such as Bilal promising more of the same, this may be what the future in Soul music is shaping up to be. I'll take my music more uncategorizable. Thanks, D'Angelo.

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11 Responses

  1. d'angelos myspace just updated with a header that says SUMMER 2001. sooo pumped.

  2. This is soooo sho'nuff funky! Damn, we need more finished tracks that groove like this demo! This reminds of the vibe generated on the record 'Fresh' by Sly & The Family Stone. Nice!

  3. I'm feelin' this groove

  4. Yeah, I can sho nuff dig it! I miss the Voodoo man

  5. I don't know what this is...but it's effin' brilliant!

  6. I wonder when this song came out. Does anyone know how old it is?
    It really different and funky...I love the guitar chords in this song. I can't wait for D'Angelo's return.

  7. Meh **shrugs**

  8. missed it here but googled and found it elsewhere. there def a jimmy hendrix feel to it and i think it's awes. it's a good mixture of two styles, soul (or neosoul if you like) and rock with a touch of funk for the change of the "chorus." this is awesome.

  9. RT @MARLONLWAYANS new d'angelo song for is new album
    SB have you rocked dis yet?