Ishe Is All ‘Layed Up’

I love J Dilla like the next person. It's also a bit overwhelming to be bombarded with as many remixes and reworks and mixtapes and whatever else strikes artists' and producers' fancy when Dilla's birthday approaches. I'm liking Ishe's stylings over this J Dilla beat which you can hear below on her "Layed Up." This track definitely features the dexterity of her voice and is a nice introduction to someone we'll likely be hearing more from. [H/T: PIMB]

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2 Responses

  1. I cant put my finger on it but damn she sounds like............anyway this joint is hot, but then again almost 99% of Dilla beats are the truth. Never heard of this sista but I will get familiar with her.

  2. Ishe is the truth. Been a fan for a couple years now.