Looking At Sade, 50 May Be The New 20!

These new photos of Sade just landed in my inbox, and my jaw landed on the floor. Will you look at this woman? At 51, she barely looks half her age. I am in a bemused state of amazement and trying to figure out her secret. Is it good genes? Good living? Good loving? Good grief! Whatever Sade is doing, I'm gonna need her to bottle it up, put a label on it and sell it in department stores. It's not fair for one woman to be this fierce and damn near flawless.


Not only is Sade stuntin with her sexy preservation, she is wrecking shop on the charts. For the second week in a row, Soldier of Love clocks in at #1 with total of 694K units sold altogether. At this rate, Ms. Adu and her band will be adding another platinum plaque to their walls in no time. 


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  1. She and her music are timeless!

  2. Them (50 year old looking) 20-sumthin' surgically breast / booty enhanced plastic surgery guls of today need to pay attention.

  3. She is a great looking 50 year old grown woman.

  4. Hey Butta, it's me yet again! Just wanted to let you know that Sade isn't platinum yet and that "Soldier of Love" only sold 694,000 total, not 502K+694K. Here goes a lil' ol' Billboard link just in case you don't believe me:

  5. Welcome back, Female hustler! Thanks for keeping me on point. The press release I received wasn't clear. The blog has been corrected. Good looking out.

  6. Sade and her, my, my...

  7. Europeans in general take better care of themselves. The constantly hike and consume red wine with meals. They eat less fried foods but most importantly they remain active their entire lives. I see my 80 year old neighbors walking everyday or riding their bikes. A healthy diet and good live style keeps you young.

  8. Hot shots! And she has always looked great!

  9. Avatar

    Sade is beautiful, but everyone in here is too old not to know there is some airbrushing in everyones photoshoots.
    And for the person that said Europeans are healthier, Sade is from England and the same cannot be said for them. Just give the woman her props as Sade the individual

  10. European living? Please, it's them Nigerian genes.

  11. You'll see age appropriate lines on her face in untouched photos but either she's a beast with the nutrition/exercise discipline or she just has great genes. Probably a bit of both.

  12. While certain Europeans take better care of themselves England is not one of those Yea, these phoptos have been touched up but she still lookls great for a 51year old and you see that from the many television appearences she has done ove the last few weeks.

  13. Who cares if the photos have been touched a little...she's still stuntin' and frontin' on these two-bit tarts who are getting Botox and they aren't even 30 yet!

  14. Wow. So where I can get these pics? I need a new wallpaper...

  15. DJstylus-you are right, she has age appropriate lines and is beautiful. Further, and with No disrespect to the post author, I really like to celebrate beauty at every age rather than just youth or looking younger.

  16. That's the benefit from years of scraping your hair back so severely that you give yourself a facelift in the process; when she lets her hair down the face goes with it.
    You'd never know, but she has a lovely smile.

  17. I heard that Sade was a smoker at one point and that she was struggling to try to stop.
    I'm guessing she was finally able to kick the habit...


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