M.anifest Serves Up Some History With ‘Sankofa’

We've been checking for rapper M.anifest for a minute now, and he continues to impress with his verbal output. His latest, "Sankofa (My History)," is equal parts headnodder and history lesson. He flows over a G-funk-ish beat, but unlike those gangsta-glorifying songs of old, he spits lines like "Columbus aint no real discover" and "I learned my ABC's before I threw some D's." And anyone who can slip Copernicus and Nelson Mandela in the same song gets mad points. M.anifest is like the love child of Lauryn Hill and Brotha J of the X-Clan--bringing Afrocentrism back one jam at a time. [H/T: 2DB]

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3 Responses

  1. Great song that will never get commercial radio sad.

  2. ghana stand up.

  3. I feel what he's trying to say, but it's a bit contradictory. How are you going to write a song, supposedly meant to uplift and educate, and you disrespect yourself in the same song? M.anifest said "Y'all know y'all did niggas dirty/ Like the bottom of cleats." Why are we still referring to ourselves as niggers? I couldn't even continue to listen after I heard that. He needs to go to his nearest NOI Temple and gain some knowledge of self before he can attempt to educate anybody else.


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