Monica’s New Video Is Giving Us ‘Everything’ We’ve Missed From Videos

Our eyes have been subjected to some suspect videos lately, but leave it to Monica to deliver one with both style and substance for "Everything To Me," the lead single for her highly-anticipated album, Still Standing. We loved this song when we first heard it, but this video upped the ante. Monica plays wife to NFL baller Chad Ochocinco and mother to a cute-as-a-button daughter, but who's that Latina always lurking in the background? Director Benny Boom skillfully has us thinking that she's a jump-off and the reason why Monica and Chad are in a courtroom seemingly going through divorce proceedings. But the script gets flipped in the end when we find out that she's a stalker and the one on trial. Let's hear it for a video with a storyline! Aside from that, Monica is a vision of loveliness throughout, wearing couture pieces from recently-deceased fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who she dedicated the video to. Kudos to everyone involved in this for a video well done.

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  1. I hope this album sells for Monica. I watched a few episodes of her show and it was not the crazy mess I assumed it to be...she's very grounded and really wants her music to reach the fans that have supported her!
    Nice video and very nice dedication.

  2. I still love the song. The video.......not so much. I get the concept, but not enough "umph" I guess.

  3. Looks great (the hairpiece is a little "extra"), love the song, but dont really see how the video connects with the lyrics. But, ghead Monica... looking forward to the CD.

  4. I totally agree with your article, I too just said almost the same thing to my friend on facebook. The whole Obsessed/Hand that rocks the cradle montage is cool!! Keep up the good work Monica!!

  5. As far as the video is concerned, within the first 45 seconds, "YOU TERCHED MAH CHALD!!" (Beyawnce game proper) popped into my head lol Love the red dress! Makes her look like she has a booty, which is crucial in today music business.
    I hope this song is indicative of the rest of her album. I definitely want to support her and hope she does well this go 'round.

  6. I suppose all this praise for Monica has nothing to do with the sudden influx of ads to buy her single all over this site now does it?
    Let's keep it 100: If this were any other artist, there would be mountains of criticism for this boiled-down version of "Obsessed" (which, by the way, is a boiled-down version of several other mistress-cum-stalker flicks, but we won't go there). I can't believe this video got a SB co-sign. And the fact that she's Latina has to do with what? If she were black, would you have said "but who's that black woman in the background?" OK, I'm done.

  7. Woo woo woo, Female Hustler, did somebody piss in your cornflakes this morning and you decided to take it out on my review of Monica's video?
    Girl, bye. You are reading entirely too much into...everything. Pun not intended, but it works.
    Regarding the ads, we currently have Google Ads in place, which rotates VARIOUS ads throughout all pages of the site. I have yet to even see a Monica ad on the site because that's how many there are in rotation and no two people see the same ad at the same time. Shoot I wish Monica and them would buy direct ads up on SoulBounce. My staff and I need fresh gear for the spring.
    Who cares that the video is a knock-off of "Obsessed" or whatever other movie? It was a well-done video that I happened to like. That's it. I also liked Rihanna's new video and ill Mami like that Beyonce & Lady Gaga collabo a few weeks back. Last time I checked that's our prerogative.
    Then you want to call me out for using the word "Latina"? Really? It was simply used to describe the woman in question. I coulda said "bootleg Eva Mendes" but chose not to. Did "Latina" magically turn into a curse word in the past five minutes? If so, I didn't get the memo.
    I appreciate your comment, but your ire is a little misguided.

  8. Beautiful video, beautiful song, just all around beautiful!!! It has an old school feel to it. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! You go Monica!

  9. LMAO @ Did "Latina" magically turn into a curse word in the past five minutes? If so, I didn't get the memo.

  10. No, Butta, my cornflakes were just fine this morning. But I do notice that SB has the most sensitive, dish-it-but-can't-take-it bloggers ever! Y'all piss all over videos and musicians all day long (I felt so bad for that French chick, and some of the jabs thrown at Jaheim came from where?), but let somebody disagree with one post and watch the hypocrisy and defense come out.
    By the way, when are y'all going to address the VH1 Soul thing? Or are you just going to do it Jet magazine-style and wait until it's off the air to say something about it?

  11. Did she really need to go Niecy at the end of the song? Is there any originality left in R&B today? ::sigh::

  12. Wait, VH1 Soul is going off air?!! Please don't tell me that. That's the first station I turn to when I come home from a long day. Please put up more info on the subject.

  13. Missy Elliot dd a freat job with the song.

  14. Please allow me to introduce myself, Female hustler. I am the blogger who wrote the video by the French chick that was wack as all hell. I am also one of the long-standing contributing editors of this blog. While Butta attempted to be as polite as possible, your comment and rebuttal have led me to address something that comes up every week or so on this website:
    If anyone, whether it be a random commenter or long-time follower of this website doesn't agree with any viewpoint we, the editors of SoulBounce put forth, that is your opinion. And it is our opinion to either not give two shits about it and roll our eyes or respond appropriately. But it is also your right as a commenter to start your own blog, about whatever the hell it is you may want to write about and put forth into the ether.
    Disagreeing is one thing. I constructively disagree with people daily. It is my job. Seeking to make personal attacks--yes attacks against this website we work tirelessly at is considered "personal"--is ridiculous, juvenile, uncalled for, and plain embarrassing to your character. Furthermore, your condescending remarks about the administrators of this website are in violation of the commenting code that everyone agrees to once you submit a comment.
    Are we sensitive? Not anymore than anyone else would be if you spent the amount of time that we have on this website. All we ask is to be respected the same way we respect all of you.
    It really is that simple.

  15. "Embarrassing to my character?" Chile, please. You said that like you know me.
    So you say you work "tirelessly" on this blog? Hmm, okay. It's has had the same layout for a while now, Google Ads rotates the ads for you, and you have four staffers (according to your staff page) who average about four posts a day total -- one of which is contains links to other blogs. I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was that hard to copy and paste a video code and add two paragraphs of commentary. Clearly I've been misinformed.
    But I can only assume that all this defense from not one, but two staffers must have meant that lil' ol' me must have hit a nerve. I can't even remember the last time that happened. Most of the time, it's usually two, maybe three comments on a post and at least one is Stoneyisland throwing out a sideways diss. (Yes, I've been rolling with SB for a minute now, and I see the routine.) You can thank me for setting this joint on fire. Matter of fact, why don't I start a blog and maybe get the word out about some of the more obvious things people come here looking for -- such as the VH1 Soul thing one of the commenters here was clearly unaware of. Oh, but wait -- I must be too "juvenile" to ever aspire to the ranks of the almighty Soulbounce.
    Lastly, it's a bit ironic that you took the time to introduce yourself here, but nary an intro or a bio from the new names that pop up from time to time -- nor an explanation of the whereabouts of the bloggers that up and disappear. I haven't seen a post from Harlem or Fave in a minute, and I don't want to wrongly assume that they've bounced (yeah, I can throw the puns, too) -- but the staff page says otherwise. Can you fill us in, or will that discussion go under the rug just like when other folks asked what happened to Nova?

  16. @ female hustler, im sorry im still struggling to understand why you appears to be disgruntled at Butta's commentary- she liked the video you didnt, cant you just agree to disagree instead of spewing out futile conspiracy theories. if you detest the website so much ( and differing opinions it seems) why dont you take your own advice and start your own blog instead of critiquing a website because it does not specifically cater to what you desire.

  17. Female hustler,
    I will address the lack of VH1 Soul coverage on this website by saying this: it's a wrap. It's done. Anyone who knew of Centric's impending emergence onto cable knew that it was a wrap for VH1 Soul.
    I will also address your long-time readership and concern for our website by saying this:
    I am glad to know that you had counted on Fave and Harlem and even nOva's past presence on this site. But things change. Soul music and associated news related to Soul music does not. We felt it more necessary to continue on with what we needed to do--update this site--instead of updating our readers as to our contributors' whereabouts. Plus, if they didn't want us to let you all know, that's their business. And not yours.
    If you are so inclined to know, they are easily accessible via their various websites and blogs and also the social media platforms they are members of. Is it our duty to inform you of their whereabouts now? No. Not anymore than I felt it was my duty to respond to commenters such as yourself in the past each and every time this same exact situation came up. The situation where an alienist feels so entitled to a website she does not constructively contribute to.
    While I can speak for all editors past and present when I say that we have appreciated your readership and attention you have paid to this site, we will not tolerate bad manners and disrespect. We are a family here. When we want everyone to be privy to our inner workings, we will. Until that point in time arrives, don't worry about it. And we won't worry about every misguided, ill-fated attempt you make at wishing to garner attention away from the original post and onto a topic--VH1 Soul's demise--which you undoubtedly will wax poetic about on your new blog.

  18. Who was the Eva Longoria look-a-like?

  19. hey now. SB is a treat, provided free and easy for many of us to enjoy. Lets all just be respectful and have a good time.

  20. I was a Monica fan back in the day. Now, not so much. But I have to admit - this video was cute. It's nice to see Black love in videos. And a sweet lil' girl in the mix. Why are folks getting up in arms over this?

  21. IMO, Monica can still sing, if not better than those that are shoved down our throats on radio 24-7.
    Though her last effort doesn't compare to the first three, will cop this album because she still shows that she has got it 15 years later.

  22. I love this blog....I just LOVE it. Thanks.

  23. beautiful voice, nice -- thanks soulbounce

  24. Monica is showing she still has the pipes and although i'm not in love with the track, it's definitely growing on me. Didn't really like her last album but will get a copy of this when it's released.
    As for Female Hustlers comments I'll 2nd the fact that 'if you don't like it, don't read it'. When did people get so damn uppity?!?