Morning Soul: A Thousand Kisses From You Is Never Too Much

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  1. Luther was and still is the for that home wrecker, ninja turtle looking hood rat Fantasia, I hope Oprah ask her the tough questions like what is she gonna do now that she is about to be sued under a little know law on the books in the state where she seduced a married man and broke up his family......
    February 01, 2010. ******* just got some EXCLUSIVE NEWS!!! Fantasia may be on the verge of getting slapped with a MEGA-MILLION-DOLLAR lawsuit.
    According to one of our ULTRA-RELIABLE sources, Antwaun Cook's estranged wife is SERIOUSLY contemplating bringing a lawsuit against Fantasia for STEALING her husband. And according to our snitch, she's exploring using North Carolina's ANTI-JUMPOFF law to bring it.
    Only 7 states have what we’re referring to as the ANTI-JUMPOFF law (in legal circles it’s called “criminal conversion”), the states are North Carolina, Illinois, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Mexico, South Dakota and Utah.
    But here’s why North Carolina’s anti-jumpoff law is so EFFECTIVE. Unlike the traditional “Alienation Of Affection” law, a jumpoff has virtually NO DEFENSE to a lawsuit brought under the ANTI-JUMPOFF law. For example, the jumpoff CAN NOT claim that they didn’t know the other person was married, or that the married man WAS SEPARATED from his wife, or that the wife was ALSO BEING UNFAITHFUL.
    ********** uncovered that under North Carolina’s law, if the wife can prove that she was VALIDLY married and that her husband had SEX with his jumpoff, then the jumpoff is AUTOMATICALLY liable for damages.
    And North Carolina courts have offered BIG JUDGMENTS against jumpoffs. For example, in 2001 a jury awarded a distraught spouse $1.4 MILLION under the anti-jumpoff law.

  2. Damn stoney.........sure, blame the JUMPOFF and not the JUMPOFF DO-ER!
    anyway.......I miss Luther.
    And glad to see Common doing something other than playing a crooked cop who will probably get killed in the end......
    well at least he's got "Just Wright"! I'm sure that'll do great in the box office! :/

  3. Oh I blame both, but what woman or man would want to be with any person who would leave their family for them? I mean if ole boy is willing to leave his wife and kids for Fantasia just what does she think he is gonna do to her down the line?..............Fantasia and Alicia Keys are garden tools in my opinion and the men they seeing are bitches.