Not You, Too, Toni Braxton

Well, it seems as if television networks are handing out reality shows to our beloved R&B and Soul stars of the '90s like beads at Mardi Gras. Joining Bobby Brown, Monica and so many before her is Toni Braxton, whose new reality show, Braxton Family Values, is gearing up for its debut on Bravo later this year. No stranger to television, Toni most recently got on the good foot on the competition series Dancing With the Stars, but this Bravo deal is another beast altogether. The program will also feature her not-as-famous sisters--remember the group The Braxtons?--and hot-to-trot, divorced mother, who along with youngest sis, Tamar, will reportedly bring the drama. Just what we need--more Black women behaving badly on national television. Great. iCan't...wait to tune in. This has "glorious train wreck" written all over it.

In other Toni B. news, she premiered her new song, "Make My Heart," on the Wendy Williams Show last week. Peep her "how you doin'" dancers and Toni lip-syncing for her life after the bounce. [Photo: Butta]

After the bounce

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6 Responses

  1. Like it or not reality shows have become a source of income for a lot of talentless people. Toni has a boat load of talent but ever since she decided to get skinny her career has went down the toilet:) I agree with you 100% Butta, it is embarrassing to see these modern day minstrel shows. Black folk use to keep our dirty laundry behind closed doord, not anymore though.........................

  2. is it just me or this is a complete faceless song that doesn't fir her singing style or voice? plus, whta's up with the Rihanna haircut and the 90's dancing? i thought Toni was a world vocal Diva and not a mix of Jessica Simpson, Rihanna and some other bitter divorcee that runs around reality TV... garbage song and i am pretty sure it's gonna be a garbage show. Toni, please, sing again...

  3. I agree with Glowww. This song reeks! Why sing a song like this when she has the pipes that she has? Toni baby..Dance wit the one that brought ya, don`t sink to this mindless drivel. Let me hear that voice that knocks my socks off.

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