The Good News And The Bad News About Faith Evans’ Return

As the title of this entry suggests, there's good and bad news when it comes to Faith Evans' impending return to the scene.

On the one hand, we have finally gotten confirmation that Faith is coming back with new music this year. That's right, the other First Lady has been busy recording new music and has struck a deal with independent label E1 Music, formerly Koch Records, who has given Evans her own imprint, Prolific Music Group. That, my friends, would be your cue to break out into a happy dance.

When I sat down to interview producer Chucky Thompson for the Men Love Mary project, we had a little listening party afterward and he played some new tracks that he'd been working on with Faith. Believe me when I say that that was some of the best music I've heard from her since Faithfully. Her voice sounded as good as it did back in the day and each song had "hit" written all over it. If any of that music that I heard that night ends up on her new disc, then Faith will be the cream that rises to the top of 2010's R&B/Soul offerings.

However, aside from this glorious news, there is another piece to the puzzle of Faith's comeback that gives me pause: she has a reality show in the works. Heavy sigh. As if her 2008 biography Keep the Faith wasn't enough of a glimpse into her life and times, now cameras will catch it all--or at least what she wants us to see--in a reality show entitled It's All About Faith produced by E1 Television. Heavier sigh.

Don't get me wrong, despite my better judgment, I am quite the reality television aficionado when it comes to shows centering on urban music stars. From Bobby and Whitney, to Keyshia Cole, to Diddy, to Monica, to Ray J, to Fantasia, to Pepa--I have spent countless hours being mindlessly entertained by their shenanigans. But most of my time has been spent clowning these people and those that they surround themselves with and their ridiculous antics. I won't lie, it makes for good television and hilarious roasting sessions on Twitter, but at what cost? Being Bobby Brown was the worst thing that could have ever happened to Whitney Houston. Keyshia Cole was overshadowed by her biologically-related buffoons on The Way It Is. And I'd rather watch fruit rot than be subject to the bore of Monica: Still Standing.

It's anyone's guess at this point what Faith's reality show will bring to the already crowded table, but it's my sincere hope that it paints her in a positive light, is more about music than a minstrel show and is uckery-fay free. But one thing I do know for sure is that whenever Faith sees Lil Kim she probably laughs all the way to the mirror.

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  1. Faith Evens coming out with a new album just seems like all bad news to me. Sorry but I never saw her as a talent.

  2. Faith singing > Mary over dramatic ass singing.I'm just saying.
    Go Faith!

  3. I agree with you that the reality show isnt' a good look. I really hope its not of the same vein as Fantasia For Real. I love Faith and I want better for her...

  4. **Swoons** then **Faints** I've been waiting for this new for a long time.

  5. New Faith Evans?! If she's working with Chucky again, there's hope. I could mos def live WITHOUT a reality show. We already know she's plenty ghetto. She doesn't need to join the fray of reality coonery to prove it.

  6. That's great to hear that she's coming back with a new album and not doing another duet cameo, been wanting to know what she's doing to top 'The First Lady', which I still thoroughly enjoy out of all her albums.
    A reality show has been the go-to revival tool for fallen R&B female singing stars as of late, and that is a damn shame. I could care less what they do day-to-day or how they are recording the "comeback" album, I just want the music.

  7. I love Faith and I'm glad to hear that she is coming out again. Ireally liked her last album. The only thing is that I don't really hear her take any chances musically or vocally. She always sounds great but she always sounds the same. I'm not so glad to hear that she's going the reality show route, but I'll probably tune in. I hope it doesn't make her look like a fool. The only who has had a reality show that didn't make her look like a fool was Monica in my opinion. You may have thought it was boring, but at least there wasn't a bunch of ghetto antics and craziness going on.

  8. Actually her book was called KEEP THE FAITH. It was a NY times best seller and won an award. So its good to see she is now a CEO of her own label. ONLY a real fan will appreciate a peek into an artist's life. So real FAITH fans Stand up! Haters FALL BACK and watch the First Lady do it BIG!

  9. Thanks for the correction, Stan. I mean Donjuan.

  10. I hate to say this but Faith need Puffy......................since she left bad boy her music has gotten progressively worser.

  11. @Stoneyisland...I disagree cat. Nobody leaves Bad Boy and gets worse, you actually get BETTER!!! 'Cause Diddy got a habit of killin' careers!!! She'll do fine now! I just wish Janelle Monae will get up off of Bad Boy, before diddy kills HER career!!!

  12. @thatguy, I agree to disagree, her album sells have steadily declined and this was before the internet started killing the CD game. I dont think any of her albums since she left bad boy have even went gold...I might be wrong but then again I might just be so wrong, that i'm right:)

  13. Well, she has only released one studio project since leaving Bad Boy and that was First Lady. Her previous 3 albums were all on Bad Boy. So to say that her sells have declined based on one project is a little over the top.

  14. "The First Lady" was one of the best albums from Faith in my opinion. Anyway, it's great to hear that she's comin back. 😀

  15. Tafari? What in the hell are you talking about. "Never saw Faith as a talent." If you don't realize that Faith Evans can sing quite wonderfully, then who can? Name another female singer from Faith's generation that can sing better than her. U CAN'T. & to TLD, I've been saying that Faith is just as talented if not more talented than Mary for the longest. Technically, as vocalists, its not even all that close. Mary is a legend, don't get me wrong, but Faith's star would have been on par with Mary's if she would have been given the same push, exposure & cosigns during their prime years.

  16. Faith Evans doing a reality show? Not a bad idea. It would definitely reintroduce her to the world. Also, I thought Monica's show was very tastefully done and would love to see Faith do something along those lines. Not ALL shows need to expose the ignorance and dysfunction in these peoples' lives. Hopefully we will get to hear some awesome material and she will come back with a bang!

  17. You know soul snobs you can listen to the album and not watch the reality show. Shocking right?

  18. I can do without the reality show.
    Faith Evans is definitely the troof - but I know I wasn't the only one that looked through her last CD jacket and thought "Who told her to put on that stankin white ballerina dress?"
    So, because it's been such a long time, this has to be masterfully executed as the perfect reintroduction to the public. Folks have waited far too long for one single, an album with a 5-week lifespan, shitty photos, and a forgettable video. Faith Evans + Chucky Thompson = great news, but I hope this entire project has a real artistic vision from concept to conclusion - the music, video(s), photography and design/styling should be seamless and congruent. Otherwise, it'll be a 3-week buzz and then nothing for the next 6 years.
    Aside - no disrespect to Faith's team, but she doesn't even have a functioning website? It's 2010 - where they do that at?

  19. I believe that Faith Evans is only doing what is required of artists these days when it comes to marketing and promotions. The record industry has basically forced artists to be more visible in this way just to promote a project. If you really think about it.... What artists to you know that have released a CD, a CD alone and are doing well from just that? If you are not a brand name these days you are not cutting it in this industry. I think that with her main priority of being a patriarch and mother/wife to her family she is excelling perfectly well. Especially with no major pushing and marketing from anywhere other than herself and her husband. Kudos to you Faith! Go knock em dead.

  20. Well for the person that is ill-informed to Faith's album track record, with the exception of her Christmas album, all of her records have gone at least gold . And as someone mentioned, while she was away from the music she garnered herself an award-winning, New York Times bestselling memoir. so please don't underestimate her talent or her accomplishments in the game. Anywho, I'm not a fan of the whole reality show thing because most only promote buffoonery and ignorance. I for one don't think Faith is going to bring that to the table so I' m more than willing to give it a chance. Its one of the best opportunities to see her in her element, preparing to come back on the scene. I can't wait to see the show and I'm definitely psyched about the album. Go Team Faith!!

  21. Monica: Still Standing was the worst.