The Overproduction Of The ‘We Are The World’ Remake In 30 Seconds

In this video Lionel Richie, along with Quincy Jones, run down a long list of how overwrought this new "We Are The World" production will actually be. Who needs a 3D video of a group of performers standing in rows singing? And green screens so that us commoners can insert images of ourselves in the 3D celebrity crowd? What are Paul Haggis and his Walker, Texas Ranger-honed directing skills (he also directed Crash) contributing to this exactly? I guess we'll see. But while the sentiment may be in the right place, this video makes an already questionable event appear even more unnecessary.

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7 Responses

  1. Can someone please tell me this is a prank.

  2. Half the money they spent on production could've went to Haiti.

  3. agreed @ jennifer. They need to just donate the money and hush up. I seriously wish this was a joke... I am not feeling this at all.

  4. Hey how about just using all that money you spent and fly over there and help them? Bring food and supplies. Help rebuild and hey even put on a free show!!! Green screens? What is this "We are CGI?"

  5. This is why folks who are interested in donating need to donate directly to charities like World Food Programme/Red Cross, and not count on any celebrity efforts or product purchases to help Haiti.

  6. I don't even have to watch this ish to know that it is unacceptable...

  7. The original track was enough. They could have wrote a new song but decided to ride MJ's coattails. All I saw was Will.I.Am and I backed away from playing this clip. All the money spent on production could have went to Haiti. Their heart was in the right place but the sound wasn't.