We’re Sweet On Wale’s Afrobeat

Last night on Twitter a bit of controversy popped off when DMV-area rapper Wale premiered his video for "Pretty Girls" that featured no darker-hued lovelies amongst the video chicks. He blamed it on the lame excuse that no dark-skinned sisters came to the casting call that sent side-eyes a-fluttering. (I personally didn't care for the video because it was cheap-looking and wack, but that's just me.) Almost in an effort to counteract the swift backlash, Wale released another video to the nets quick, fast and in a hurry with an abundance of brown women present and accounted for. Crazy thing is, this second video for the song "My Sweetie," an Afrobeat-laced iTunes-only bonus on his album Attention Deficit, is pretty darn good. In the Tabi Bonney-directed clip we're invited to tag along with Wale and his crew as they bust up in a crowded house party that is rocking. (Think Sean Paul's "Get Busy" video with a deep, dark tan.) Brown bodies are moving, Black people are sweating and flags from numerous African countries are waving. A good time was had and it shows.

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  1. "...her Ebo feeds my ego"... loves it!!!

  2. For a minute I thought this kid was the future but he has lots that hunger, he is average at best now.......Wale what happened son?????

  3. It's comical to me how people hate on Wale for not having dark-skinned girls in his video when insert rapper here _____ has followed the same pattern. Wale is making a mainstream video for a mainstrream leaning song feat. Gucci Mane ehich almost always unfortunately means all lightskinned women in the video. I think we put too much expectation on conscious artists, They are human, they are human they don't like just one type of thing. With songs like Shades and Diary Wale presented great music with great lyrics and he is one of the best upcoming mc's in the game. We as forward-thinking black folk should stop the pretentions. Folks squealed in horror when Erykah Badu did a song with Lil Wayne, as if she is not allowed to do a song with him because some preconceived notions we have about both of them as artists and people. GET OVER IT!

  4. I like Tabi Bonney as a director. Now I am afraid to watch the Pretty Girls video after reading this. But you know I will. I like Wale I think his lyrical content is heavy. Some times I think that people miss what he says... like Unruly Gyal said "...her Ebo feeds my ego"... loves it!!!
    Raheem had some light complexed sistren in his videos too. After a while isn't it disrespectful to our lighter skinned sisters to always complain about them being in the video? Black Brown Beige... Whateva!

  5. 1) Yes this "My Sweetie" video is better than "Pretty Girls"
    2) Yes Tabi Bonney is building up quite the resume for good videos.
    3) Uh, why is it a weak excuse to say dark-skinned girls didn't come to the casting call? Maybe...they just didn't?

  6. i see dark skin girls in there....what happen

  7. Song's alright (not great). but one minor quibble: it's NOT Afrobeat-inflected. It's sampling a '70s track called "Let Me Love YoU' by SIERRA LEONEAN artist Bunny Mack. Sorry, but as a Nigerian kid growing up, that (and yes, Afrobeat) was my shit. Don't like when anything remotely Afro-sounding gets tagged as "Afrobeat" (or worse, "World Music").

  8. her Ibo feeds my ego... just incase you actually cared. My sweetie was a good video mos def like it over pretty girls


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