Wyclef Redeems Himself With This ‘Song’

I know we called Wyclef out for his less than stellar performance on the "We Are The World" remake, but it needed to be done. We felt his passion, but we didn't need to hear the peal of his off-kilter yodeling. No goats were sacrificed, however, at this recent concert in Vail, Colorado when Clef toned it down and gave a pretty solid performance of two reggae classics: Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" and Brent Dowe and Trevor McNaughton's "Rivers Of Babylon." This video features footage of the live show with photos of Haiti before and after the earthquake mixed in. Wyclef is also joined on stage by South African singer Zulu who lends her voice to "Redemption Song." Now this is something that I can support and listen to without wincing.

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2 Responses

  1. Wyclef is a joke as a singer and has lost all street credibility. I wouldnt spend 2 nickels and a dime on anything he puts out. And to think I use to bang the hell outta that Carnival CD back in the day..........................

  2. @stoneyisland
    Your streets are not mine. I love Wyclef. When he performs in Africa he goes above and beyond to interact with people, explore new cultures, record with local acts even if its not profitable, cool or "street" to do so. Just simple respect for where he is that is believable and backed by action.
    MVP is a song of his I particularly love. Im sure Americans must have found it incomprehensible but the zouk flavoured jam is lovely. Heres Im so proud to be African by Wyclef, and Nigerias 2face, Faze and Sound Sultan...
    This was recorded during his first visit to Africa. It was Nigeria. He brought his mom, sis, production gear...