Battle Of The Droids: Janelle Vs. Xtina

Since Janelle Monáe burst into pop consciousness a few years ago with her alter-ego Cindy Mayweather, robo-chic became officially a fad. Dainty Terminator claws were cropping up on various performers. And in the comfortable silence of someplace familiar, someplace still, the members of LaBelle wept. Now Christina Aguilera has jumped on the spaceship assembly-line, right down to the sleek, tuxedo-y touches that Monáe uses. So the question must be asked: Who is a better robot, Christina or Janelle?

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  1. I saw this cover yesterday on another artist forum and I have to say Xtina's cover is HAWT and I'm not a fanof hers. even her list of cowriters and producers have me a lil interested.

  2. Xtina has a vocal advantage as well as a bigger budget, label and overall talent advantage...................

  3. Gotta admit, Christina's album cover is fiyah! Homegirl can sing her ass off as well. And I'm going to actually agree with Stoney for a change. She has better backing and her talent is undeniable.

  4. Janelle, without question. I can't stand Christina.

  5. Janelle, hands down! Christina looks like a lil boy. And if I judged a book by it cover, Christina's album looks rather boring while Janelle is clearly ready to take us on an thrilling adventure. Her cover reminds me of Loony Tunes meets Irobot with all her funk thrown in!

  6. Robo-chic officially became a fad? I must've missed that trend. Elaborate, please?

  7. I love Janelle, have the album, but could not shake the Bjork/"All is Full of Love" memory from my head everytime I saw this cover. Also, Metropolis as reference point for all female robots is hard to shake (Janelle, Beyonce, Kylie Minogue).
    In that regard at least Christina's cover looks different. And the collaborators on this disc intrigue me: MIA? Tricky Stewart? Sia? Reallllly ....
    Still can't deny the talents of both ladies. I dig them equally.

  8. Xtina ALL.THE.WAY.
    She can sing circles around many, including Janelle. And she has more of a catalogue as well. Love Janelle too, but Christina has this one hands down.

  9. I am sorry, but Monae is not the first to embrace the "fembot" iconography into her look and sound. Two that immediately came to mind were Bjork and Kylie Minogue as well. That said, both Christina and Janelle have put their spin on the look and the sound.-QH

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  11. @QH, you hit it right on the head Bjork was doing this kind of shit back in the late 90's, vocally Bjork will give Xtina a run for her money. Bjork is the shit and I messes with her. ........

  12. Janelle, Cyndi Mayweather, hands down, cna;t wait for ArchAndroid..she may be the orginator per say but she def brought that to the forefront. Never been a fan of extra OVER singing biters!

  13. I'm gonna keep it real: I loves me some Christina. Say what you want, but she definitely keeps evolving. She's bringing a bit of glam to the "fembot" affair. Curious as to what this new project will sound like.