Behold Sade’s Breathtaking ‘Ebony’ Cover

The Sade train just keeps chugging along. Next stop, the city of Gorgeous, in the state of Beautiful. Will you look at this woman on the cover of the April issue of Ebony magazine? I swear this is the most beautiful photograph that I have ever seen of Sade. Ever. Coupled with the accompanying headline, which reads "Sade: Lets Her Hair Down," I'm intrigued enough to pick up a copy or two--one to read and one to frame the cover--when it hits newsstands.

Now before I hear from the "she's been Photoshopped" peanut gallery, that's clear. Her freckles have been airbrushed into oblivion as have any tell-tale signs of her age, but, regardless, the canvas is all her. You can't Photoshop natural beauty. Hit the bounce for a larger version of Sade in all her raven-haired, ruby-lipped splendor.

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12 Responses

  1. I wanna know what water well Sade and Iman are drinking from. They are clearly doing something right!

  2. It looks like they stylized the cover to make it look like a throw back Ebony Cover. I like it!

  3. Absolutely stunning.

  4. Oh great, Sade. Just keep making it hard for the rest of us mature girls. Jeez. We get it. You're beautiful. You aged incredibly well. Yada, Yada, Yada.

  5. 'Tis the end of the world as we know it when folks state that yeah it's photoshopped but the canvas is clearly her...ahem...WHAT!??! That's not Sade and why she would allow such a cover to hit the stands severely altered is a reflection on the pathetic cd she just released. Sex sells and the world buys.

  6. Sade is first and foremost a phenomenal writer/singer/producer. She recently appeared on The View with her wonderfully aged face and her timeless freckles..THEN SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL.

  7. I see it hurts some people's feelings to admit that the woman is beautiful. Get over it. To these 34 year old eyes, that is a fine woman.

  8. Beautiful...and there's definitely an old school vibe to the cover that I just love, lilke something out of the 60's. I think I will go buy that magazine right now.

  9. @ Michael then who is it then?

  10. Everyone who thinks Ebony went retro just for this cover: this is the new look of Ebony. They've been using it for a few issues now.
    Sade is FLAWLESS. I want this AND the Soldier of Love cover as posters. I hope 50 finds me looking as good.