Dear Chris Brown: It’s Called Karma

And we hear it's a bitch. Apparently Chris Brown is having a hard time getting his new single "Sing Like Me" played on the radio. C Breezy took to the internet to ask a special request of his legions of asstards fans:

"I ain't never really did this but right now I need all of my fans help. Some radio stations aren't playing my records. They are not being that supportive and I wouldn't expect them to. It's on the fans and you guys do what's in your power to bring me back. That's all I need is you guys and nothing else will do that except for the fans. I don't know what else to say."


Me neither. So I'll say this: domestic violence is not something that
ever goes away. It is a deep life-long scar that remains as raw as the
scars on Rihanna's freshly bitten ears. As raw as that feeling
that Chris now feels inside that is hindering his ability to fund his
personal trainer and bodyguard's mission to protect his abs at the
club. After all that Quincy Jones nonsense from yesterday, I really was hoping that my week would be free from celebutard foolishness. Apparently not.

Chris Brown really needs his fans' support right now [GOT]

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  1. I am literally running out of comments for some of this least comments I would want to make publicly.

  2. Wow. heh.

  3. Well Rhialien isn't doing to well herself and she was the so called victim

  4. His album is actually quite good. I think people need to kind of get over themselves, the young man has made many steps in a positive direction. I wonder where James Brown, Jeffrey Daniel, Bill Withers, or the host of other black singers that have had far more deeper domestic violence histories than this man would be if this type of campaign were kept up.
    SMH, this is just silly now. Especially since his transparent ex has used the whole thing as a perfect launch pad for her "creative" record, which she has always lacked since her lame inception.-QH

  5. @ QH's statement: Wait, this is news to me....Jeffrey Daniels from Shalimar had a domestic violence case? Is this when he was married to Stephanie Mills?

  6. He had issues with his ex-girlfriend Jody Watley in Shalamar, and with Stephanie, he threw the latter from a moving car. Again, I like Mr. Daniel, but I mention him due to the hypocrisy surrounding Chris Brown. But whatever.-QH

  7. @ QH:
    It may be silly to you and you are definitely entitled to your opinion. I can't speak for Rihanna. nor can I speak to any of Bill Withers, Jeffrey Daniels, James Brown, Ike Turner, or any of the plethora of R&B artists' victims. I can, however, speak to the horror that I still experience when I think about the pictures I saw of Rihanna's face. Has Rihanna moved on? Maybe. I'm not her. But as someone who has experienced what domestic violence is firsthand who re-experiences some form of the emotional trauma of that incident daily, his plea for his fans to "please listen to my demo" and help his new track land on the radio falls upon my own deaf ears.
    You can chalk this up to my disinterest in him prior to this incident or "hating" or whatever popular reason is being used to describe my inabillity to give two shits about this dude.
    In closing, just as you have your opinion, I have mine. And just as yours is unwavering, so is mine. This post is reflective of that.

  8. I have to agree with QH on this one. It's not as if this young dude is the only guy to ever have done something like this. We all should work to make sure it never does, but at the same time when do we allow dude to try and change. I am not a fan of his OR radio, so for me I couldn't care. But unless you can show me that he a) has a long history of violence at all or b) that he can't learn from his mistakes then what is happening to him starts to turn into something ugly.

  9. Is it me or is he trying to channel his Ralph Tresvant and NE "if this isnt love" in this photo? 🙂

  10. Well, like i said "the victim's horror" didn't stop folks from buying James Brown records. So, that is all I have to say. People who have deeper records with this should be held accountable, and their fans called "tards" or whatever as well.-QH

  11. Sigh ...
    People make mistakes. It's a fact of life. How many of us posting on this article right now have wronged someone in the past or done something that was just plain not right? I know I have. And there are relationships and bonds in my life that would have lapsed had I not been given a chance to grow and change. Both of these artists are young. Young folks mess up. That's what they do. Give them a chance to move on. The world can't keep punishing this boy. He's trying to move past the whole thing and people won't let him. People should be held accountable but not to the point where it's excessive - the media's smear campaign has just gotten silly now. TI was buying assault weapons for Pete's sake and the black media is celebrating his return home from jail. If he can get a second chance, so should Chris.
    And for the record I am not a fan - I am hardly a part of the Rhi Rhi and Chris demo. But I'm a human being who has made mistakes, learned from them, been forgiven and moved on. He deserves the same.
    Just my two cents.

  12. Firstly, I'd like to state thatI don't agree with what he done AT ALL.
    But let's be real, as it has been pointed out, he is not the first 'celebrity' that has done something like this nor will he be the last unfortunately. I mean,the boy is how old? NO-ONE makes mistakes?
    If he's truly trying to better himself, then surely he should be given a second chance to 'prove' himself.
    Look @ athletes, movie stars, heck the whole entertainment industry is chock full of 'ugly' people that have done the same and worse and a lot of them get not only 2nd but 3rd AND 4th chances. This boy slips up once and 'everyone' turns against him like they're much better. SMH.

  13. The song is garbage. "Tranform you" got plenty rotation so did crawl and the new Juelz Santana with him on the hook is getting airplay. He needs to man up and accept the fact that its going to be a minute before he's back where he was. Him begging at this point shows a lack of remorse to me. Did I say that the song was GARBAGE yet.

  14. I'm with YOU ill Mami. Chris Brown gets NO sympathy from me.
    I'm sorry... I was too young when it came to Jeffrey Daniels or Ike Turner... James Brown wasn't making any music by the time he was acting a fool....
    All I know... forgiveness comes to people act like they want to be forgiven... Chris Brown acts like a kid who thinks he's supposed to be 'annointed' the 'next big thing'... and it comes across in his attitude and his little tantrums.... and that's exactly why nobody really likes him... and he will NEVER get back to the level he was or reach that level he 'thought" he was gonna get to...
    (Not to mention, his music ain't that great. Ciara, Hammer.... great dancers, but .... once the music sucks... its over.)


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