Jill Scott’s Bad Side Made Its Debut On ‘Law & Order: SVU’

NBC's police drama Law & Order: SVU had a soul injection last night when Jill Scott starred as a key figure in the episode's hour-long mystery. Jill, in all of her ageless loveliness, played the abusive caretaker of her disabled sister, played by Lisa Arrindell Anderson from the movie Madea's Family Reunion. Her character was also the mother to a son who was a played by Quinton Aaron who was recently in the movie The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock (and looks like he could be the same age as Jill). Despite the weird casting choice for her son, Scott played ugly-mean in such a good way it was both scary and rewarding to watch--scary because none of the Jilly from Philly sweetness was evident and her character just seemed evil and rotten to the core. It was very different in every way from how we imagine Jill Scott to be. She didn't sing either, her co-star in the episode, Lisa Arrindell Anderson, did--displaying some operatic vocal talent during a brief scene in the show. It was rewarding, however, to see her play a character polar opposite of the almost sickeningly sweet character she plays in Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married, which has a sequel coming out soon.


Jill talks about it all in this clip from
NBC's Today Show. I enjoyed watching this news segment for Jill was her usual open
and endearing self. Although it seems like she can do almost anything
and everything with shine and polish, it was refreshing to hear her
honest feedback on how motherhood was for her at first and to hear how
she got along with her co-stars from the Tyler Perry flick. Take a look
and listen, and, if you caught her performance on SVU last night, how did you enjoy it?

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7 Responses

  1. I really tried to understand Jill's character's pain last night...but if I could have reached through that t.v. and slapped her?!?!? Lawd, she made me so mad.
    I thoroughly enjoyed that episode. Lisa Arindell Anderson is really underrated. To play that part and show emotions WITHOUT speaking...?

  2. I missed it last night, but I will try to catch it online today.

  3. Really enjoyed watching this video. Made my day to get to watch her personality. She's so radiant, open, and beautiful. Love her hair. She is refreshing...from all the bullshitting people I see and talk to all day.
    I love Jill Scott. She is inspirational! And, I can't wait to hear her new album 🙂 The song they sampled sounds beautiful.

  4. i saw this last night and my mouth went to the floor. she did a hell of a job in this. i called my daughter while she was calling me, and we was like "JILL SCOTT" got it like this now ? lol lol. im proud of her. i hope to see her more on tv.

  5. DAMN I missed it. And hulu doesn't carry it. Better catch this on repeat.
    Also, I hope her character (Sheila) gets sassy in the sequel. Which I will rent.
    And OMG NOW I see why they make fun of Hoda and KL on SaturdayNight. Those two make The View look like Charlie Fricking Rose.

  6. At First, I didnt even know that Jill Scott was going to be on Law& Order b/c they catered the preview around Quinton Aaron from the Blindside. Seeing Scott in the episode was a suprise and she did an amazing job in the episode along with Lisa Arrindell Anderson. H/w I did not think that Aaron did a good job, his acting was just medicore in my opinion.

  7. Jill was such an evil jealous and woman, she played her role well. She's so versatile, wasn't expecting that from her...can't wait until the new album drops in August...


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