Little Brother’s ‘LeftBack’ Sampler Leaves Us Hungry For More

With the April 20th release of Little Brother's swan song LeftBack fast approaching, I am counting the days until it drops. Although it's a bittersweet occasion, I have not been this excited for a Hip Hop album to be released since I can't remember when. And now that I've heard this album sampler, expertly mixed by DJ Flash of the Violator Allstar DJs camp, LeftBack has shot to the top of my short list of "I Can't Wait To Get This In My Hands" records. This almost 10-minute taste is enough to hear the direction that LB is going in, get your heads nodding and tide you over to til the third Tuesday in April. Get your listen on below, then get your download on over on the Hall of Justus Bandcamp page

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8 Responses

  1. I was definitely feeling the first single, however after listening to the entire album, well snippets on amazon, I was mildly disappointed a little. I dont know if their minstrel show CD was so good that everything else just doesnt compare, or something is just missing without 9th wonder on the beats. Will I still scoop up the album? yeah I will, LB is one of the few rap acts I will support, but if this indeed their swan song, I think they could have did better...................

  2. I don't know what happened during the recording of the Minstrell Show, whether or not it was 9th Wonder's increased workload (albums with Murs, Jean Grae, Skyzoo, Buckshot, etc.) that rubbed Pooh & Tay the wrong way. In light of us losing 2/3's of the Slum Village to ailments doctors are still scratching their heads about, and people worried that the same might happen to 1/2 of Gangstarr, they seriously need to GET OVER IT. The world needs a new LB album...with ALL THREE MEMBERS IN IT.

  3. I always liked them better without 9th anyway. Everyone without him are the ones I really like. I'm excited about this one. I like Tay better rapping than singing, (tho I do like him singin), so this will be my "Tay back rappin and snappin" fix.

  4. And oh yeah, Pooh be snappin too, my bad.

  5. It's disappointing knowing this is the last LB album but it's good to know this is not the end of Tay and Pooh doing their thing as (individual) artists. These are two of my favorite all-time MCs and, while I'd love to see/hear more from them as a duo, I understand their artistry has to grow and not necessarily in unison with each other. As far as 9th -- he's an ill producer but he didn't "make" LB for me. I love the non-9th joints just as much, if not a little more.
    My real hope is that they pull a Jay-Z and come back in the game (as a duo) or at least do a reunion mixtape in 2012.

  6. definetly will be gettin this album

  7. I'm really looking forward to this album, but don't want this Sampler to be my 1st impression so I'm tryna hold out for the real thing.
    Like Fave I don't want this to be the last LB album and I wonder if the fans can influenceTay and Pooh to give us more LB by really supporting the album.

  8. I have been a fan since day one. I have been a backpacker since 1982. LB performed at the House of Blues with a live rock band and blow up the spot in New Orleans. I worked all day, after work jumped in my wipe drove from Dallas to Baton Rouge linked up with my comrades and drove to the City as we call it in the Boot (Louisiana). The concert was off the meat rack. They gave us the true essence of Hip-Hop in it's puriest form, from The Listening, to the Chitlin Circuit 1.5, to The Minstrel Show, to Get Back. This sipher by far is one of the best sets I have attended. LB and Justice League will definitely go down in history as one of the illest and realiest groups of all time. they are cuttin eyelids off so you won't get no shut eye. Yours in Revolution,