Quincy Jones’ Aural Assault Almost Complete

That benevolent smile so eagerly waiting to curl into a snarl. I see you, Quincy, and I am onto you. For the rest of you just joining this conversation, I have but one question: Are you sitting down? No? Fine. Don't get mad when I tried to warn you. Are you ready for this? I mean...seriously. Are you ready for this? Because what I am about to tell you is some of the most absurd sh*t I have heard all year. Ready? Go. 

The first single from 'Q: Soul Bossa Nostra,' available March 24th, will be Akon's interpretation of the 1977 Brothers Johnson classic "Strawberry Letter 23."

When asked about his collaboration with Quincy for the album set to be released in May or June, Akon responded,

When Quincy called and told me about this album, I said you have to let me do "Strawberry Letter 23" and the funny thing is that's the song he was thinking about already. We brought a new modern feel to this classic and I think everyone's going to really enjoy it."


Ludacris and Naturally 7 (produced by Naturally 7) on the title track "Soul Bossa Nostra," a hip-hop revamp of Jones' 1962 single "Soul Bossa Nova" which was re-born as the Austin Powers theme song and was sampled by Ludacris on his 2005 single "Number One Spot" for which he garnered a VMA.

It would be crazy for me to mention the previous bastardizations of La Costra Nostra right now, right? Like La Coka Nostra or any of the myriad rappers in the '90s who have overused this term to death. I'm sure Q would say that it's merely a reference to an alliance of people not related by blood all united for a common aim. Kind of like how this new album has been described as:

Some of today's biggest recording artists and producers have joined together to celebrate the music of multi-Grammy winning producer, composer and arranger Quincy Jones by recording contemporary versions of popular recordings from his massive catalog for a new album from Interscope Records entitled Q: Soul Bossa Nostra. A "family celebration"...

Allow me to recap: Quincy Jones had Akon in mind for a cover of lead single "Strawberry Letter 23" when exactly twenty years earlier Quincy had Tevin Campbell in mind for lead single "Tomorrow" from Back On The Block. I'm sure Quincy would tell me that I need to get with the times, man. The kids want to hear artists whose hustle is greater than their talent. But I also remember the haphazardly assembled from "We Are The World 25" that mostly consisted of "artists" whose hustle was by far exceedingly greater than their talent. Oy. And just for good measure, Q and Lionel made sure there was a Spanish version, too. Ay dios mio.

Lastly, the "Secret Garden" remake is definitely happening.

Usher, Robin Thicke, LL Cool J, Trey Songz, Tyrese and Tevin Campbell [will appear] with Barry White's original vocals (produced by Jermaine Dupri) on "Secret Garden," originally recorded on 1989's Back On The Block.

I know this is a lot to handle all at once. But remember how I told you to sit down earlier? It was more like a plea. Thought it was over?
Ready for this nugget? Okay. Don't say you weren't warned. Clearly, Snoop Dogg's interaction with Quincy--he's set to appear on a Brothers Johnson classic "Get The Funk Out Of My Face"--must have altered some of his brain cells up there.

One day Quincy Jones said to me, 'When you rap it sounds like Miles Davis playing his trumpet'," Dogg explained...Miles isn't a hero, but a desire and a challenge...That's the reason why I want to play him.

Snoop Dogg wants to play Miles Davis in a movie. Ponder that for a bit.

Welcome back.

To Snoop and Quincy's credit, this last quote was in reference to a biopic that both Snoop and Quincy feel should be made on Miles Davis. I agree. Not about Snoop sounding like Miles' trumpet, but about the biopic being long overdue. As far as Snoop sounding like that legendary trumpet, I'll defer to Quincy since he was there. I wasn't even close to being born yet. But I'm still side-eyeing at my computer screen as hard as any woman could right now.  

I'm sure voicing my disdain over some of Quincy's most recent musical choices will not get me into anymore exclusive Hollywood parties. But I'll just sneak my way in and grab a gift bag or four anyway. I'm not quite sure what exactly is going on in Quincy's mind these days. It certainly looks to be that he will not be stopping anytime soon. For those of you as appalled as I am, all this will mean is the continued boycott of most terrestrial radio. Thanks, Quincy. 

Top Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop Artists and Producers Come Together to Celebrate the Music of Multi-Grammy Winning Producer, Arranger and Composer Quincy Jones on New Album 'Q: Soul Bossa Nostra' [PRNW]

Never Say Never: Snoop Dogg 'wants to play Miles Davis'

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25 Responses

  1. I knew Quincy Jones was losing it when that WATW remake was released. This news today, comes as no surprise. He's gone from The Dude to The Dud.

  2. The good news is that there's no chance in hell Snoop will take the role of Miles Davis from the renowned, family-approved Don Cheadle. As for the rest of the musical trainwreck, I'm truly at a loss. . .

  3. I am a fan of Q. i can also be classified as a disciple really.
    So while all of this talk sounds ridiculous it makes perfect sense to me.
    Most artists, musicians in particular get real "funky" when it comes to past work. Q started treating his music like property at disney world long ago. The man was a powerhouse and created something that marked a time period. I honestly believe that he knows that these artists can't do it better than the originals. He just knows that keeping his catalog alive is job one.
    I work with some guys over 70 with music catalogs and thats all that matters to them. Stevie, Ray, Tony Bennet and a few others are not the norm. They are the exception.

  4. I feel like I've been assaulted. Lawd!

  5. Didn't Tevin Campbell also do Strawberry Letter 23 on one of his albums?

  6. Anybody else thinking that Michael Jackson's death hit Q a lot harder than he's willing to admit to? Perhaps to the extent that he'll throw himself into any project to stay busy and keep his mind elsewhere?
    Just throwing it out there...

  7. Elizabeth...I'm coming to join you, honey! Snoop playing Miles Davis? Akon redoing The Brothers Johnson? Oh, I need a sedative...

  8. iCan't with this madness...Akon "singing" Strawberry Letter 23? The Secret Garden remake now has LL on it? WTH? Why mess up the classics? I remember I used to take my parents' Back on the Block cassette and listen to it all the time; I loved that thing...I won't even go into the Snoop/Miles Davis one does anything original anymore; everything has to be a remake...shame on it all!

  9. I've been doing this a lot lately...
    *drops @!?&!@? mic and exits stage*
    I am done.

  10. Q wants that young girl cooch, so he'll play himself in whatever way imaginable in the name of looking cool. SMFH. Ahhh well. He still has my respect for all he DID. I sure hate it tho.

  11. "Secret Garden" remake!?!?! *looks head to sky, throws head back*

  12. My ears are bleeding from the thought of hearing Akon sing Strawberry Letter 23. Just make Tevin Campbell re-sing it.
    I know you warned us but I really wasn't ready for all that news right there.

  13. I'm still tasting salt after reading about this yesterday. Just all around UGH and *SIGH*. Especially concerning Akon re-doing one of my favorite songs ever. And Snoop Dogg as Miles Davis? In his dreams.
    You forgot to mention Robin Thicke is doing Michael Jackson's "PYT (Pretty Young Thing)" on this project too, and even though I love Robin, I just think they should leave Michael well enough alone. So I truly feel that since Michael passed Quincy has been taking it harder than he claimed, because he's been just been making a mockery of his career.

  14. What kind of fuckery is this?!
    NO to "Secret Garden" remake. NO to Akon doing "Strawberry Letter 23". NO to Snoop playing Miles Davis. NO to anything involving Trey Songz. Just NO.

  15. I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit....

  16. I think Quincy has the syphilis...............he has lost his mind in his old age.........Next he's gonna have T-Pain remake a House is a home by Luther

  17. I squeaked like a Lemur several times during the reading of this.
    Comes a time when an artist just lapses into self-parody,
    or they screw the work to bank the deal,
    Q is not immune.
    Snoop is the new!

  18. I'm choosing to focus solely on the idea of Don Cheadle NOT Snoop playing Miles Davis.
    I'm not going to let you have me ready to deliver a two piece to the next person that speaks to me after reading this fantastic fuggery. I still haven't watched WATW 2 by the way and I never will.
    But wait - what role will Freddie Kreuger...errr...LL play in SG2? I'll wait.

  19. wrong, wrong, wrong. Who is going to sing the Barry White part? El Debarge is still around, why not make new music for him?
    Quincy! W.....T.....F??!!!!

  20. I can't even find the words. Ridic!!
    Well written, super funny article, BTW.

  21. I know the national association of music snobs are going to give me shit, but who cares... I'm gonna wait and see what happens with it... his music is being redone on his terms, whether we deem them apropos is all a matter of personal opinion and preference... I want to hear it first, and if it is the most profligate crap, I will concur with the snobs (whose association I am a card carrying member) and label it as such.

  22. well said...
    he's a legend, but im starting to wonder how lucid his musical choices are of late.
    how do you go from thriller to akon?

  23. This can't be life!!!! Q

  24. Akon? Snoop? Experience senility much, Q?

  25. Well this article just ruined my lunch. I wonder how Shuggie Otis feels about Akon doing Strawberry Letter 23?