SOUL-POLL: What Is Your Favorite Erykah Badu Album?

For the past two years, SoulBounce has celebrated the release of Erykah Badu's last two albums, but we're not new to Du. She had us at "hello" back in 1997 with her classic debut, Baduizm, and we've seen her grow as an artist and as a woman over the course of 13 years. In that time she's given birth to six albums, each as unique as her children and all possessing what we love about Badu. She's the Neo-Soul sista turned Hip-Hop hot mama with Southern belle charm, hypnotic green eyes and a lot of bass in her trunk. Over a decade in the game, and I hope that she's just getting started. With New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh fresh on the scene, let's take this time to look back on her catalog and pick your favorite Badu album after the bounce.


12 Responses

  1. Mama's Gun. That cd is on ol' journey.

  2. Mama's Gun without question! You could't ask for a better sophomore CD after a great debut. That CD was another level and established her as an artist that eluded any one definition.

  3. Mama's Gun is my favorite album period, it has gotten me through A LOT!

  4. Hard decision to make but 4th World Order speaks to my soul every time!

  5. Baduism, It was the first CD I ever bought and I still love listening to it. I've bought every CD she come out with since.

  6. Mama's Gun is possibly my fave cd ever...
    But I really liked her Live cd, I was listening to that for a long time.

  7. Mama's Gun...without a doubt, that cd takes me places......

  8. Mama's Gun was a big part of the soundtrack to my college experience so thats at the top for me, plus I think it brings together all that makes her who she is more than any other. New AmeErykah Pt. 1 is a close second because its just fire top to bottom.

  9. Without a doubt, Mama's Gun.

  10. Mama's Gun, without a doubt.

  11. Mama's Gun. Masterpiece.

  12. Mama's Gun...without a doubt!