SOUL-POLL: What Is Your Favorite Jill Scott Album?

Jill Scott has sung the soundtrack of our lives for the past decade plus one. Since her 2000 debut, Who Is Jill Scott? Word and Sounds Vol. 1, through her last release, 2008's Live In Paris+, she knows us, she feels us, she is us. As we wait with baited breath for her fourth volume of soon-to-be-classics, The Light of the Sun: Words and Sounds Vol. 4, let's take this time to reflect on her past body of work.

Whereas many thought that the subjects of our last two Soul-Polls, Whitney and Sade, were better singles than album artists, the same can't be said for Jill. Her albums are the truth from beginning to end. Some of her best material hasn't even been released as singles, quite honestly. To date, her discography consists of three studio albums, two live sets and a duets compilation disc, and we're curious where everyone's loyalty's lie. Vote for your favorite Jilly from Philly
album jawn below and let's have a healthy discussion about her releases in the comments section.


13 Responses

  1. Who Is... remains my favorite. It's spoken word set to music.

  2. The Real Thing is my fav and has been since it came out. Dont get me wrong Who Is? is the biz but I really felt like Jill poured everything she had into this album. Her emotions and feelings on her divorce and other things surrounding her life at that time was more than the "Real Thing" for me.

  3. I voted for words & sounds, vol. 2. the first one I adored also, and I love vol. 3 even though it did have to grow on me...

  4. Although Who Is? is my fav just because at the time it was SUCH a refreshing break from what else was out, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her live albums....her commentary, the band and the arrangements are always such a treat 🙂

  5. Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2...the

  6. i went with The Real Thing cause it's like she took Jill from the first album which was perfection and just blasted it to beyond the universe aural perfected awesomeness.
    I liked the second album but words and sounds vol 1 & 3 are my faves with 3 holding a special place for tracks 4,5,6,and 11 specifically. but the whole album can ride straight no chaser without skipping and then play the whole thing again.
    however on words and sounds vol 1 Slowly, Surely will always reign supreme as one of my fave jill tracks

  7. First was the best... Each followup I liked a little less

  8. When you live in a town like Minneapolis, you don't get to see Jill live. 826+ has such a cool vibe, and it might be the closest I'll get to hearing Jilly live.

  9. eh... first one classic- the rest... BOLLOCKS

  10. I love everything Jill, but my absolute favorite album of all time is "Experience: Jill Scott 826+". Her live albums give me so much life...woo lawd. I will fight somebody over that first disc. When she sings, "Getting in the Way" and remixes the end?! I falls out. Vol 1 comes in a very close 2nd. Surprisingly, I didn't really like vol 3, but I think it was because the teaser that she released a few months prior to her album included ALL of the songs I liked, so I wasn't surprised by anything when I finally got the full album. It has since grown on me and comes in a close 3rd.

  11. This was a hard one. But I went with Who Is? The Real Thing was a real close second. And 826+, a tight third. But she burst on the scene with Who Is? and I was hooked from day one. Went out and bought two tix to her first concert after Who Is? came out with no idea who was going me, but knowing that I needed to be there. Every time I hear 826+, I think of that first time in Radio City. And The Real Thing just spoke to me when I first heard it. Can't wait to see Jill and Maxwell at MSG in June!

  12. I have to go with "Who Is"....All the albums are GREAT but the first one stands alone!


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