SOUL-POLL: What Is Your Favorite Sade Album?

Just like the subject of last week's Soul Poll, Sade has only released six studio albums since their mid-'80s debut. Add a greatest hits collection and a live album to the mix and that's still only eight records. In Sade's case, when it comes to music it's clearly all about quality and not quantity. We each have our personal faves from her discography here amongst the SoulBounce staff, but we're curious about where our reader's loyalties lie. Are you still playing 1984's Diamond Life like it came out yesterday? Or has Soldier of Love infiltrated your playlist like no other? Perhaps you've worn grooves into your Lovers Live CD reminiscing about that time you saw Sade on tour? Whatever the case may be, we all have that one Sade album that just does it for us and this is the space to let us know what that album is. Vote after the bounce and let the great debate begin in the comments section.


12 Responses

  1. I think it's a tie between Diamond Life and Love Deluxe. I like those entire albums the most.
    Of course, there's quality material on every single release.

  2. Like she said "never as good as the first time." Diamond life is the best one.

  3. 'Promise' hands down. I like almost every single song off of it, especially my two all time favorite Sade cuts, "The Sweetest Taboo" and "Is It A Crime" are present.

  4. Lover's Rock flows so nicely. That's my fav. album.

  5. "Stronger Than Pride" all the way.-QH

    • Love Deluxe ("Bulletproof soul" and "Kiss of life", oh my) but as a whole, my favorite Sade album is Lover's Rock. I can not get enough of it.

  6. Diamond Life because it quietly became part of life from the moment it was released and has just stayed there holding it's own and holding my memories.
    I love that photo? Now that's a beautiful woman;
    there's really nothing as attractive as class.

  7. Love Deluxe. I think Kiss of Life is the most beautiful song ever.

  8. Promise, contains my favorite track by Sade, Tar Baby..just a tough tough album..but I love them all!

  9. Love Deluxe

  10. Wow that 's like choosing between Denzel Washington or Idris Elba. But I would have to go with Stronger than Pride, it was the first Sade album that I purchased. Lover's Rock is a close second.