SOUL-POLL: What Is Your Favorite Whitney Houston Album?

It's hard to believe that over the course of her 25-year career that Whitney Houston has only released six studio albums. Yes, she does have a Christmas album, a greatest hits collection and numerous appearances on soundtracks to her credit, but surprisingly enough just six albums. What isn't surprising, however, is that even with what could be considered "just a few" records on her discography that she produced so many hits. From the '80s to mid-'90s, Whitney was the Juggernaut with chart-topper after chart-topper. Hardcore fans know that when a new album of hers hit the street, it was essential to hit the stores on new release Tuesday to add it to your collections. It was that serious.

So looking back over the first 25 years of Whitney's career and her arsenal of hits and some misses, we're curious about what everyone's favorite album of hers is. We've set up a poll and included all of her albums, soundtracks where she sang at least 50% of the songs and even her greatest hits set to round us out at a perfect 10 to choose from. Vote right here then logon to our Facebook page next week for the result.


10 Responses

  1. this is tough. the first 3 albums had awesome songs.

  2. Lord forgive me, but with all of the Whitney Houston posts, the first thing that pops into my mind is that episode of Martin where he and Bruh Man were selling the "Whitty Hutton Wuld Toor" t-shirts.

  3. "I'm Your Baby Tonight" and "Whitney Houston" are my all time favorites! The Greatest Hits and "My Love Is Your Love" are cool too.

  4. nobody shoot, but ive never heard an entire whitney houston album...i cant deny her talent but musically she was blah

  5. Eh...true Whitney has hits, but putting together a cohesive album was never and still isn't one of her strong points. "My Love is Your Love" would probably be the best, since it showed grown, non-pop Whitney in control, willing to work with multiple producers. But "I Look To You," though it has production flaws, might be the closest thing we have as to a true reflection of Whitney the person.

  6. My Love was when I took notice of an album rather than a single and though it seems to get mixed reviews, I think it still stands up as a great album. That said, the awe I hold her in is largely down to the incredible multitude of Whitney live clips on Youtube (not the records, few as they are), once you start clicking on those you can be lost for days...

  7. Whitney Houston... just based on "You Give Good Love" and the quiet storm MONSTA that it was!
    Yeah, I said quiet storm!

  8. my love is your love? over the first three classics?? I dont see it...and those are albums you can listen to all the way through...they are not just about hits

  9. I agree with Whitty... I was never a huge Whitney album person. The first CD I bought from her was Bodyguard, and even that wasnt all her... and I ended up selling it back. She has a strong catalogue of singles, but I cant pick a CD that is consistent enough to choose it as a favorite. They even screwed up her Greatest Hits collection by not including the original versions of several key songs. They shoulda did a straight up graeatest hits CD, and included remixes as a bonus disc.

  10. I was tip toeing in hear thinking I was the only one who thinks she hasnt had a strong album. Sure, I enjoyed Whitney as a young person but it hasnt held up. To be honest, I dont think much of her material has held up, in the sense that I would put it on and just enjoy it. I may hear a song and feel nostalgic but on its own most Whitney material hasn't lasted for me.