Bounce-Worthy: Gloria Ry’ann

Photographer and podcaster Stevie Robinson is what Malcolm Gladwell, author of the book The Tipping Point, would describe as a maven--one who always seems to have the know about the hottest new thing. When it comes to music, Stevie is usually behind the hottest new indie act of the moment. While checking out some of her latest photos and videos, I came across the music of new artist Gloria Ry'ann. Vocally similar to the late legend Minnie Riperton, Gloria's voice is a soulful confection that is both sweet and light while effortlessly maneuvering over the highest highs that we haven't heard since Mariah Carey was singing songs for grown-ups. From Googling her, I learned that she has shared the stage with such greats as the duo Ashford & Simpson and diva Patti LaBelle, in addition to pop princess Rihanna. I haven't gotten word on when her debut CD will drop, but you can check out her single "O.M.G." below in the interim. If you really want to hear her shine, however, then videos of her performing at an event celebrating soul legend Marvin Gaye and a live recording of her take on Minnie's "Inside My Love" can be found after the bounce. One word: Incredible.

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