Jamie Lidell’s ‘The Ring’ Is Not For Dreamers

It's been nearly two years since Jamie Lidell released his last album, Jim. And he clearly went through some things between then and now. Almost immediately this spastic video for "The Ring," from his forthcoming album Compass, becomes hard to watch. For the most part, it's him in close view in a stylistically saturated, analog looking split-screen. While that's benign enough on its own, as it plays against the dissonant funk of the song and his screeching lyrics it's like taking a wrong turn into anguished madness. As he writhes on the beach, pounding his hands into the sand, the beat feels like the punishment he's experiencing. It's hard not to wonder what the rest of his new album will sound like after gritting your teeth through this. [H/T: PF]

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6 Responses

  1. I actually think this is not at all unusual for Jamie. It harkens back to his first album and his early work with Christian Vogel in Supercollider which has always been very experimental and dissonant and has combined that with house and soul. This is what Jamie's die-hard fans, and there's a lot of us out here, love him for. And probably why he'll never be a mainstream success.
    The latest album, Jim, was the anomaly and I'm sure that if he has returned to form (which I sure hope he has because that's when I started being a fan, I was disappointed in Jim), the fans it garnered him may be disappointed.

  2. I've heard of this guy but never checked him out. Checking now.

  3. I have heard a version of "another day" several times somewhere but it's like an ambient electronic mix. I need to find that ASAP. anybody know where to find it?

  4. the new album will be more like multiply than jim . . .

  5. @ starfishncoffee: Your assessment is dead on. I've been a fan for a long time. The song is stellar. It's the video I find jarring.
    @ the 5000 lb. man: That's great news.

  6. I'm with Ro here, love the track but find the video hard to watch.
    'Jim' is the album that into'd me to him, but I like his earlier stuff too ... will def check the album.