Morning Soul: When Satchmo Blew, The Audience Knew

  • Suckas need bodyguards: Solar's baby mama gives some insight into his relationship with Guru. [HHDX]
  • First the Fat Boys breakup, now this: Fly Gypsy is dunzo. [TWTR]
  • Angela Bofill has recovered from two strokes and plans performances this summer. Now that's a survivor. [ST]
  • Usher allegedly flaunted his pregnant married fiancee around town while his ex-wifey tweeted her disgust. [VIBE]

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4 Responses

  1. Word, Neenee. After reading that interview, though I have no love for Solar, Im concerned for his well-being. Those cats that roll with the Gang-Sarr Crew are not known for witty repartee. Somebody gon' get hurt. Serious...

  2. That was an insightful interview. How sad they he ended up being so manipulated by another person. We all have insecurities an issues. I am sure his true friends know that the "letter" was not him...even if he did write it, it was not him. RIP. And thanks for the good music you did put out Guru.

  3. Two things.............One, Solar is a bitch. Two, Fly Gyp finished already? WTF is goings on........................


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