Morning Soul: You Should Let Me Love You

6 Responses

  1. Wait a minute, I thought that Jesse L. Martin was already picked to play Marvin Gaye in an upcoming film? Jesse looks a lot like him, plus he's not just an actor, he's a singer/musician as well. I don't think Will Smith would have done the role justice anyway.

  2. That's true! I read sometime ago on that Jesse L. Martin was going to play the Legendary Marvin Gaye. I remember thinking; that's a great choice!

  3. my bf said that "blame it on the alcohol" will become "blame it on apostle paul". t-pain is why we ain't free.

  4. I remember when Mario dropped this joint, such a simple yet beautiful joint, probably the last time we really had good music released in the last 5 years, you had Mario and Alicia Keys doing big things back then. Classic joint right here................

  5. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha tour should be called the "Who needs talent when you're this cute" tour....SMH
    Why the hell would anyone would want to spend good money watching these chicks perform? My time would be better spent watching well...anything but them....

  6. OMG, I hope Jesse L. Martin plays Marvin Gaye. I love him lots. I agree, he would favor Marvin a whole lot more than Will Smith.