Solange Makes The Indies Swoon

No lie, I still enjoy Solange's cover of the Dirty Projectors' "Stillness is the Move." It was kind of a genius move that resulted in newfound interest from a wider audience. Surprise! Like many of us, she also listens to all kinds of music that doesn't necessarily fall into "urban" categories. Empowered by her indie hype in a recent interview with New York Magazine, which focuses entirely on the positive effects the covers had on her career (all theoretical at this point; the third album is in progress), Solange is excited about the accolades she's received. Björk dug it!

Plus, she's fairly comfortable with all the cross-over talk and jokes about "the white kids not jacking our style anymore" because "we're taking it back!" It's actually funny, you know, because of the entire 20th century in popular music. And because it isn't true.


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  1. Saw this yesterday and honestly could not wait for it to show up on soulbounce so a dialogue could develop.
    While I enjoyed her cover and portions of her cd, she still irritates. Being Beyonce's sister is difficult when you are an artist too. But it also benefits. Solange is not singer and desire to be indie feels ever so slightly contrived. We all know that Matthew Knowles had a designated career path for the Knowles and DC, is this just an extension? I cannot help but think all the artists with excellent voices and creativity that remain obscure. Is she taking a spot?
    and then i feel bad - because who am I to judge her interests and her talents.

  2. Of course theres an advantage to being a Knowles, but I love her second CD, and she doesnt strike me as someone who is contrived. She's pretty vocal and opinionated on a lot of issues, and she could have easily took the easy popular route but didnt, I respect that. No dis against Beyonce, but I think she's bringing something unpredictable and refreshing. Theres countless undiscovered talented voices out there in your local churches, basements, street corners etc. Some folx get that opportunity to blow up, and some dont. Being a Knowles got her in the door, but the buzz surrounding her music is not something that can be bought.

  3. As much as Solange annoys the caca out of me , I'll take her over Beyaki anyday. Atleast she has half a brain unlike her sister and she is a pretty good writer unlike her sister.

  4. I'm not surprised because being major is out of vogue and indie is the next big thing. The big record labels are dying out and she is trying to get out in front of whats going on. The route she is going also takes her out of the same genre as Beyonce. She's moving out of town to where ( she hopes) her last name won't hurt her.

  5. Solange's first cd was the easy and popular route and she went with wood with it.
    Sometimes I wish folks with her access would try to put another more talented people on.

  6. @ J: I don't think she's taking a spot. Yet. Right now all she has is a turban and a free download that people liked. Can she be as clever with original material as she was with the cover?
    I too wish that folks with means would give those without some shine but it just does not happen. Especially within the Knowles dynasty.
    @ dazzla & nybruh: We'll see what happens when she releases original material.

  7. I like her music a lots. She is not selling her music by her
    beauty but her wide music playing.

  8. It's not her fault that she's related to Beyonce. Have they ever made a song together? Has she ever made a song with JayZ? That would've been easy. She could be getting paid but she's taking the road less traveled. If I'm not mistaken she was on that retro vibe before a lot of other mainstream artists. Her CD was pretty damn good too. She might push some of the younger listeners to broaden their musical horizons. There's nothing wrong with that. Some people are anti for the sake of being anti.

  9. Jay, doing a song with Beyonce or Jay Z would be a horrible route to go because it would be so easy and people would see right through it. She started that route when she came out and there was a backlash. That's why I feel her move to go "indie" is at least partly calculated. I happen to like what she has done musically. But she and the Knowles camp know that getting into the lane with Beyonce is a one way ticket to Keri Hilsonville.She's getting a backlash here for being Bey's sister. She would be hated more for being Bey's clone


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