‘The Boondocks’ Third Season Is ‘Riding’ Dirty

The third season of The Boondocks cannot come quick enough, especially with all these teaser videos that have been popping up on the net for our viewing pleasure. The latest has me giggling like a piglet with the return of rapper Thugnificent who teams up with Wil.I.Am in a music video for the little ditty "D*ck Riding Obama," a wickedly hilarious spin on the real Will.I.Am's "It's a New Day." There really isn't much else that needs to be said, except for press play below and get your laugh on for the day.

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3 Responses

  1. I messes with the boondocks:-)
    Riley Escobar

  2. Asheru & Raheem Devaughn have new song on this series. It is also available on the new mixtape...out May 2. As a matter of a fact, it may be a free download...

  3. i am so excited for the 3rd season.this clip is so funny lol