Ty Brings His ‘Emotions’ To Life

Ty has people dancing from the rooftops to the streets to the disco in the video for his blazing single "Emotions." Collaborator Sarina Leah makes a guest appearance in the clip and looks to be having as much fun as I'm having while watching it and dancing in my chair. The random graphics that pop up in the background are a little cheesy, but not so much so that they take away from the video. And when I build Butta's Dream House, I'm totally installing a replica of that multi-color dance floor in my basement.  While you're on a Ty high, be sure to download the Something Big! Vol. 1 mixtape mixed by DJ Bounce and featuring nuff samples of the new album, Special Kind Of Fool, dropping on April 19th. 

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3 Responses

  1. The video is pure good vibes! Makes me wanna dance in the street!
    Cheers for linking the mix-tape too.

  2. Another reason why I love Soul Bounce. Keep 'em coming. Is that my girl Tawiah making a cameo?

  3. This is a great site.
    Can't wait to get the new Ty release.
    I'm still rocking Closer on my runs.


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