Alicia Keys Is ‘Ready’ For An Interracial Romance

After teasing us with a brief clip from her new video for "Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)" a couple days ago, Alicia Keys released the full monty today and it's as good as I suspected it would be. Alicia takes us on a journey from the 1950s through today with a subtle, forbidden love story at its core. What makes her love thing so forbidden, so un-thinkable? The fact that her paramour is Caucasian. They exchange glances and meet in the shadows, but when they're found out that's when the drama unfolds. This video does a great job of illustrating that for a certain segment of the population, interracial relationships are still taboo. Kudos to Keys, herself the product of an IR, for delivering a video to get folks thinking and talking.


10 Responses

  1. beautiful video

  2. I couldn't agree more. I already liked the song. From the teaser I was so intrigued because the video took such a different approach than how I imagined the song. Now after watching it, I love the video and actually appreciate the song even more. Definitely thought provoking and hits some emotional nerves.

  3. Great and thought provoking video! I loved how she went through different decades.

  4. That is very definitely had depth to it and certainly makes a beautiful song better.

  5. Love the song, love the vid. Beautiful, with a powerful message. And A.Keys didn't have to be scantily clad to look beautiful

  6. Is the white guy Chad MIchael Murray?

  7. I think you should mention that this song was penned by Drake. I know that his hip-hop forays leave a little to be desired, but he can write a damn good R&B song when a he wants to.

  8. love everything about this song and now video.alicia got down on this song

  9. love everything about this song and now video.alicia got down on this song

  10. Great video from Alicia(I was getting worried about her for a min, album was not as great as I wanted). Also been a Chad Michael Murray stan since Gilmore Girls, great to see him too. Also loved how the story traveled decades, yet showed how some elements have stayed the same.