Badu Bares It All (Almost) For VIBE

Can't get enough of Erykah Badu's bare assets after seeing her "Window Seat" video? Well then be sure to pick up the June/July copy of VIBE magazine to see Low Down Loretta Brown in nothing but her birthday suit and body paint. VIBE isn't Playboy, so surely Badu's naughty bits will be covered, but I'm positive that she'll reveal just enough to get tongues wagging. The teaser flick itself, which can be viewed in full after the bounce, is quite intriguing. Badu's back is to the camera, and she's painted from her bald head down her torso in an intricate design. I'll save my full commentary until after I see the complete pictorial, but I'm sure that many have formed their opinions already. Is this just Badu doing Badu or doing too much? Discuss.

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12 Responses

  1. For all the "Soulsters" who have so much criticism for the Beyonce's of the industry who take off clothes or show extra skin to sell their records...whaddyouhavetosaynow?

  2. Guess it is time to throw Badu under the bus as immoral now huh?

  3. INSERT HEAVY SIGH HERE. This is Badu doing Badu. Usually I'm excited at the chance to discuss the ways in which women of color are limited by the constraints of society, particularly women of color artists who may want to take ownership and use their actual physical bodies as well as their sexuality to make a statement and to create art. But sometimes I just get pretty damn tired (as a woman of color myself) of having to explain, and re-explain, myself, and the actions of other women of color. This woman is an artist. White female artists are able to express themselves and use their sexuality in ways that never get dissected by society. It gets accepted as art. And here we have Erykah Badu, an artist, who is unable to do the same without conversations erupting over her ass, over her use of nudity to sell records. She already told us at the end of Window Seat that haters wouldn't understand what she was trying to accomplish. Now she's coming back and making yet another statement, with her back turned away from us, almost nude but not completely, bald headed - challenging our understanding of acceptable beauty, challenging our understanding of art, challenging our (in)ability to accept things we don't quite comprehend, and we're still diminishing her and her work and her actions to simply her flesh, her physical body. Where is the love?

  4. Taron is right. The Beyonce's and Ciara's have to get a pass too. Being bald and wearing an ankh doesn't automatically make someone an artistic genius that is sooo over our what our little minds can comprehend. I like Ms Badu's music, but, I see you Erykah! It should be about the music and lately everyone is talking about everything but when it comes to her.

  5. Baby Badu- Off rip I must say we as a people take things way to serious. If this is how she express herself let her, I really don't think its hurting anybody. To me she is viewing her body as a piece of art. I don't think there is any harms play in expressing yourself through art. This is also great publicity for her and the Neo Soul movement as a whole. I know our underground swag is what makes us different from our main stream counter parts but we can't dis Badu for being Badu. In the words of Tracee Ellis Ross in the sitcom Girlfriends,"Do you Badu!".

  6. Ummm...Erykah is making a statement.. and she has said time and time again that her nudity was not about sexuality or being sexual it was about peeling back the layers that we use to cover ourselves on a daily basis. It has never been about selling records..because if you know anything about Erykah you would know that she doesn't give a damn about what others have to say. And I would have to argue against giving the others a pass. There is a stark differences from being half naked and humping things on stage and talking about how men like the way you "ride" them and being a man's object in YOUR own video and Ms. Badu being naked to prove the point of groupthink: that people bury their true feelings and emotions for fear being outcast..she is naked revealing her true self and she was unafraid of what others aka "the group" had to say. But of course people don't get it....because we as a society are unable to see women outside of sexual objects, wives, or mothers...we do have brains..just saying

  7. oh.. and never mind the fact that her video is an exact copy of a video shot in the late nineties by two men in Time Square and I don't think it was ever a discussion of rather or not they went nude to sell records...

  8. Think.
    15 people use similar means to get attention.
    Out of that 6 of them are successful.
    Out of that, 3 of them represent differing viewpoints on the content of what they do. Similar approaches, different perspectives.
    You can not then judge the 3 based on the worst of the 15. Not only is it not fair, but it fails to show the merit of the content.
    Those that criticize the sexy for being sexy need to stay focused. What are you really criticizing? The need to get attention? Have you actually "listened" or read the lyrics to Window Seat?
    (" ..... I need........")
    Is there a continuity between Badu and HER lyrics? Beyonce? Janet? Madonna? Prince? Michael? Jagger? ( you can name more, as long as they at some time held a pen to paper and wrote something provocative and used their own bodies to encompass it.)
    Nudity has value. Don't Da Vinci for Hustler. Don't blame Lady Godiva for Lady Gaga.

  9. Listen to the lyrics. Badu vs "pop-r&b" , no contest. Badu always has something to say. A message that will stand the test of time.(lastest fad, newest hairdo, etc). How many of the pop-r&b artists can really say that, Taron. Badu been around for nearly 2 decades so in my opine "no competition

  10. Yall cut it out defending this sh**-- knowing it is what it is.. If it was really about the "art" then there would be no need for her to get naked for us to get the message.. Did we not get all the other messages in past songs? If she wanted to take off clothes to prove a point, she could of done it in the "Bag Lady" video - at least that would of went with the concept of the song. This little stunt was a marketing idea for a song that wasn't a hit- plain and simple. The so called "message" idea clearly came after the fact... stop it.. If anything in our hyper-sexed society the "message" (if there really was one) will be lost. Take notes from D'Angelo - his career was not the same after he got naked in the video.. and he's a man!
    Like the famous quote states.. "The MASSES ARE ASSES"

  11. Well... add me to the list of people "defending" her then... because I personally see nothing wrong with it. I think its a great photo. I dare anybody compare this to any of the covers of King or Smooth.... its not the same. And honestly, I have no problem with that either, because that is what it is. But Erykah is an artist and a genius to me and this photo definitely is an expression of who she is ..... a fearless, daring, edgy, innovative person.

  12. @R7Soulkidd - Of course you think it's a great photo... but we're talkin' about how she's presenting herself overall.. After this I wouldn't be surprised if she does Smooth or King Mag, cause it is what is...Marketing!
    Stop fallin' for the Ankh and the BADUNKA - DANKH !~