Big Boi And Some Puppets Bring You ‘Shutterbugg’

Sir Luscious Left Foot is ramping up to bring us his new album that feels like it's been on hold for an eternity. That's an overstatement. Regardless, his new single "Shutterbugg" knocks and the video brings some bizarre and pared down visuals. Using an empty industrial space as a backdrop, Big Boi brings us the Dancing Tron Twins, a wall of red plastic cups, a psychedelic rainbow mobile, a band of full-sized puppets with shrunken heads and The Dungeon Family, among other things. Oh, and ladies with cameras. Yet despite the abundance of disjointed imagery, the video has a cool spareness to it that doesn't distract too much. Say cheese.


2 Responses

  1. This is Awesome!.........I may cop the album.

  2. This just feels so stale to me. And like he is too grown to still be doing this.


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