Common & Queen Latifah Do Us ‘Wright’

This Friday the feature flick Just Wright rolls into theaters, and despite my earlier reservations, I'm actually excited to see this joint now. Common and Queen Latifah have been doing the damn thing on the promotion tip--they are everywhere from Facebook to Lane Bryant to ESPN--so it only made sense for them to hook up on record, too, which they do on the song "Next Time (Just Wright)." Word is that this track was originally an outtake from the Finding Forever sessions that Com re-purposed with new lyrics that loosely follow the film's plot and the addition of the Queen on background vocals. I can't lie, I had hoped that these two would have gone mic-to-mic on the rap tip, but this is a great song nonetheless. It doesn't look like they're releasing a soundtrack to Just Wright (which is a pity), but you'll be able to find this single on the upcoming greatest hits package, Go!: Common Classics, hitting stores on May 25th.

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3 Responses

  1. I think I enjoyed the two mixtapes that Com put out for the film better than I would have a soundtrack. Nonetheless, I'm really feeling this track although I am slightly disappointed Queen didn't rap. She's not quite the type to be singing hooks but it works.

  2. LOL, I just read your "earlier reservations" post and I think you hit it on the head with how most people feel about Black/urban romantic comedies (myself included). I saw a screening of JUST WRIGHT last week and I'm happy to say it's not your typical low budget, straight to DVD flick (there's a full review on my blog). I'm hoping this does start a trend of more quality romantic comedies featuring Black actors in leading roles. Madea does not count, lol.
    Common has a greatest hits CD coming out? WORD!

  3. @Sandria Thanks for pointing us in the direction of your review. Great write up! I was wondering what kinda of chemistry Latifah and Common would have on film and if it would be believable. I'm just ready for the Tyler Perry Era to be over--or at least slow down. There are so many stories to be told and I honestly can't wait to see this one.