Do Not Get Caught Up In Alicia Keys’ ‘Rapture’

Leave it to Alicia Keys to take a step up only to take 20 back. Just when she was working her way back into my good graces with the bonafide gem, "Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)," she ups and remakes Blondie's "Rapture" with disastrous results. Done for the Sex And The City 2 soundtrack, this song is complete and utter dreck. It's like she took all the soul and funk out of Blondie's 1980 hit and replaced it with almost five minutes of WTF. The music is a pop/New Jack Swing mish-mash and her rap that she tailors for the film is a corny mess. Is she trying to put Deborah Harry, Fab 5 Freddy or me into an early grave? If anything needs to be buried, it's this song. Listen to this waste of studio time below, then hit the bounce to wash the bad taste of it out of your mouth with the original.

After the bounce

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  1. It's called karma, break up a family or at a minimum assisted with the break up and you fall the hell off. I wouldnt spend a nickel buying any of her music.............................:-) Oh yeah the song is a travesty.

  2. How did Alicia breakup a family when Swizz is the one who cheated? Females need to stop blaming the other chick and blame the man.

  3. sorry, i loved it.
    listening to it and bouncing at work.
    it's fun and frivolous – just like the movie.
    this is not to say that i prefer it over the original, but it's definitely fitting for the soundtrack.

  4. ssa - except stoneyisland is a dude, not a female. that's the problem with stereotyping.
    re: the song - hated it. not so much her rap, I actually think that's cute. I just hated her frivolous ad libs. just sing the song, alicia.

  5. The song is wack, she's wack. I'm not blaming her for the affair but she damn sho ain't helpin! A man would screw a wet hole in a wall if he's a whore....Alicia is a hot mess like the song.

  6. Not feeling it. It's too airy and breezy for me.
    Just when she had me with "Un-Thinkable"... *sigh*

  7. @Huny.. Doesn't matter if they are a male or female, the blame should always be on the person cheating in the relationship..

  8. Too bad to the writer, yesterday Fab Five Freddy said he absolutely LOVED the cover. I loved it too! It's amazing, the rap is good too! Alicia is a gem!

  9. Too bad to the writer, yesterday Fab Five Freddy said he absolutely LOVED the cover. I loved it too! It's amazing, the rap is good too! Alicia is a gem! I'm also tired of idiots who try judging everyone from god

  10. First of all, as a LONGTIME Blondie fan, who owns every recording from "Blondie" through "The Curse of Blondie," this is a very refreshing take on a classic. No it doesn't douse the original, but proves Keys has more spunk than those would assume. She did a good job, I think you may be a little over the top Butta in your critique.-QH

  11. I love the sound of Alecia Keys, however this song is a HOT MESS!

  12. I kinda like it... shrugs.. im sure i'll be bouncing in the movie theater when the movie comes out.. I mean it dont love it or nuffing, but i'd bounce to it (cosmo in hand of course)

  13. I find the music to be too busy and distract from the vocals. The vocals are fluffy but not in a good way. I'd like to hear a acapella version just so I can focus on the voice. Even my mother and father think Alicia Keys needs to bring more soul in her music and less pop. Usually they don't know anything.

  14. As far as remakes are concerned I think this is a pretty good one - def doesn't outshine the original but a good remake doesn't have to (in my opinion). Also totally fits the vibe of the movie - I enjoyed the SATC theme mashup with the song in the beginning actually!
    I don't think its fair to compare this to Un-Thinkable though. Un-Thinkable is on a whole 'nother level - just a completely different kind of song. I think this remake is fun and gets the job done as far as the soundtrack for the movie is concerned.

  15. This isn't a "soul" song, it is an alternative pop song with hip-hop highlights. I don't know what people expect, I quite like this. It keeps the elusive nature of the original, but has a nice glossy update to it.-QH

  16. seems like a great movie song. fantastic photo of Keys.

  17. Where's the man from Mars that eats cars? I liked the remake until she re-wrote the rap. I mean, I know it's a cheesy rap...but it made the song shine..
    Whatever Alicia. Still a decent song.

  18. Butta.... I won't say its horrible... but I agree its NOT that good. I would've rather Alicia kept it hip-hop and done it KRS-One style.... and keep it really hard.... would've been much better.

  19. Perfect for Sex In The City. Compliments white women buying shoes and talkin' sh*t. Sounds like a runway song that happens to sound like classic song of the past.
    It fits. No harm. No foul. Relax.
    (....don't do it......when you you wanna suck to it....Relax dont do it....when you wanna.......) sorry, but the remix reminds me of Frankie Goes To hollywood

  20. its fun, its cool, its safe... me likes

  21. I love it actually! The only things I'd change are the rap (back to the original) and the breakdown at the end needs to pick back up... I think it's time for an edit... lets see what I can do...