Freeway Makes The Ladies Feel ‘Alright’

We're used to seeing rappers who couldn't pull the beautiful females who appear in their videos unless they were rappers making videos, so we don't really have to suspend belief too much when watching the latest visuals from Freeway for the song "She Makes Me Feel Alright," which is par for the course. The song is from his collabo project, The Stimulus Package, with Jake One, who does not appear in the video, but what we do have is a revolving door of honey dips who Freeway shares his personal stimulus package with behind closed doors. Yeah, OK. If that all seems like a dream-like fantasy, then it may very well be with the video ending with a dose of baby mama reality.

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2 Responses

  1. Talk about a sobering ending.

  2. Freeway is a dope Mc but after a few minutes his voice gets on your god damn nerves:-) Yall give it uo for the black taliban:-)