Here We Go Again, BET

It's been almost a year since that offensively awful 2009 BET Awards telecast that was so terrible you couldn't turn away--like one of those accidents out of the movie Final Destination. I learned how to Twitter while watching that show. The tweets and Facebook statuses alone provided enough entertainment to last a lifetime. My heart hurt for Michael Jackson and his family when I realized that the show would be the first to honor him since it took place almost immediately after his unexpected death. I use the word "honor" loosely when thinking about last year's supposed tribute to MJ. With this week's announcement of this year's BET Awards nominees, it appears as if the network is back up to its old shenanigans--with a new twist! 

Just take a look at some of this year's honorees, which include a colorful cast of characters including Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga. OK, maybe colorful was the wrong word. I'm all for diversity, but my guess is that the B in BET no longer refers to "black" but, instead, is an abbreviation of the French word "bête." Yes, go look it up. 

Furthermore, what happened to BET recognizing underground and independent artists who seemingly no longer have a place on regular BET but at one time found a home on BET J/Centric with the creation of their Centric Award? Now mainstream artists--Maxwell, Sade, Monica, Chrisette Michele and Melanie Fiona--have taken over and are up for the award, inching out acts like Eric Roberson and The Foreign Exchange. The GRAMMYs can recognize those deserving artists, but BET can't? C'mon, son!
With Queen Latifah at the helm as host, I have fingers crossed that she use her incredible talent to remain graceful in the face of absurdity (i.e., that movie she was in with Jimmy Fallon) and bring some decorum. But, I admit I will be watching for the train wrecks, if only to complain later. I am eager to see if those making missteps last year reemerge more conscious of their actions (READ: attend sober) or be just as apt, once again, to present a performance that is steeped in over-the-top awfulness.
What do you think, Bouncers? Are you expecting another night filled with the hottest of messes at the BET Awards? Or have you long ago stopped watching and caring?

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11 Responses

  1. I'm tired of setting expectations for BET. It's just as redundant as the critiques of MTV, the network & their lack of music-oriented programming & of my once-favorite show, The Real World. I just watch TV One or rehash good memories via YouTube. The execs who are running these networks are idiots. No way to explain it, no way around it.

  2. I tend to let the award show air, then after reading/hearing about the "highlights" or should i say "lowpoints", i catch the nearest re-run for those parts only. Just for kicks and giggles. The awards they give out just seem meaningless. It's just the same ish different year.
    On the few occassions I'm watching BET (primarly for Wendy Williams and sometimes Mo'Nique), I see promos for BET30. BET has been 30 years old since January. I hear they are going to have a celebration for BET's prime days but why wasn't there some type of celebration back in January?
    BET is now older than it's target demographic. I feel BET's demographic is now 10-21. At 25, i grew up watching Video Soul (Sherry Carter & Donnie Simpson), VIdeo Vibrations, Midnight Love, Rap City (Joe Clair), Teen Summit and so on....that was really the heyday of BET. Unfortunately those days have been long gone and BET is the laughing stock of networks. Tragic!
    Hopefully the Queen will be a good host. Maybe a couple of OK performances will prevail. But I've pretty much lost all faith in all things BET.

  3. I would comment but I think we are all on the same page with this continued fuckery. I will watch via Twitter as BET is forbidden in my home.

  4. Like a fool, I tuned into the BET awards w/ a heavy heart because Michael Jackson had passed. I hadn't watched the BET awards since 2006 (?), after I saw Deborah what's her name saying the awards had been retooled to honor and pay tribute to MJ, of course I wanted to watch. The fuckery was nonstop. I was so angry. The highlight was Janet Jackson showing up but the show overall was a hot ghetto mess. I will never watch BET again.

  5. i will be watching just for the fuckery

  6. I've long ago stopped watching and caring- and I am an independent artist. Don't forget BET was bought a few years ago, but it sold out YEARS ago.

  7. BET... BAD ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION I won't be watching there will something better airing on a local access station.

  8. And they say we can't get together on anything. Bet is so rarely watched in my home, i forget what channel it is, plus its not in HD in H-town. I think the last thing i watched was when Maxwell came back and sung a tribute to Al Green. there are too many other better shows on than anything bet is showing. centric was everything that bet was supposed to be but they changed the format of that as well. Maybe it will be sold again and someone will change the format to something meaningful

  9. i already am not feeling the performers for this year that have been announced so far.i am almost scared to see who they are gonna pay tribute to this year because bet is not moving this awards show in the right way which is sad because its like the only black music awards show we have.and as for last year the end where janet came out and then jaime foxx and neyo singing i'll be there was the only thing worth remembering

  10. Bullsh*t Empty Tel-lie-vision and this will be another award show with just that. Justin Bieber? They scramblin' harder than Def Scam! And there is no more Queen Latifah... Dana Owens had her murked. Did you not see that debacle before the Superbowl? Why am I even wasting my time talking about this? I'll be reading tweets and watching it on prolly like the 3rd or 4th rerun, better yet, I'll DVR it and scan the hilarity.

  11. If only more people would hear about this!