Janelle Monáe Shows Ellen How To Dance Up On Them Haters

I don't know about anyone else, but I become more and more enamored with Janelle Monáe with each passing day, with each listen of The ArchAndroid and definitely each time I see her step on the scene on my television screen to perform "Tightrope." After killing it on the Late Show with David Letterman last week, she shook things up on today's Ellen Degeneres Show. Introduced by label boss Sean "Diddy" Combs, Little Miss Monáe commanded everyone's attention once she opened her mouth and belted out the first note then proceeded to make her backbone slip all over the stage. Her performances are becoming must see TV. Watch below and I dare you to sit still and not put one leg up like Ellen did.

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22 Responses

  1. she is such a wonderful performer. i can't stop watching this clip. good stuff, good stuff!

  2. i love this song so much. it makes me so happy : )

  3. I haven't listened to anything but her CD since last Tuesday! I just can't. I'm pretty sure I read that she's gonna be on Carson Daily's show this Friday too.

  4. man, i just can't get over how incredible she is! has anyone gotten her album yet??? that sh*t is just remarkable. i don't know what to say about it. she is the next big thing...

  5. she is out of this world. i love her style. and this song just makes me get out of my seat!!!

  6. i love janelle monae. so happy to see her blowing up finally. i have been a fan since the audition.
    keep up the good work janelle!

  7. i'm just speechless!

  8. woooooo good music finally! i am so happy for janelle : )

  9. I can't wait to see her and E. Badu this weekend! So happy she was added to the tour.

  10. She is killin' her live performances every single time! And her band.......WHEW, steam heat!

  11. Am I the only one who feels like Andre 3000 did this whole shtick nearly a decade ago?

  12. Wow.....Why are people saying that she's biting Andre? If she's biting Andre then Andre's biting James Brown & Jackie Gleason & any performer you wanna name from the 50's. So what the hell are you talking about? I love Andre and I would be the first to admit she was jockin' him, but she's not. It so much easier to love her than to dislike her because she's talented as hell & makes great music. IDK whats up with people these days.

  13. Hope this is the beginning of big (and well deserved) things for Janelle. I will admit, it took me a minute to get into ArchAndroid but I liked "Sincerely Jane" and the older stuff. She is talented and unique. I hate that I won't see her on the Badu tour because Badu cancelled MY city.

  14. lol.....*I meant Jackie Wilson not Jackie Gleason...lmfao.

  15. Honesty, there are 2 outstanding tracks on her album and 3 good tracks. The rest of the tracks weren't for me.
    Now as far as this performance. I like it a lot. I perfer to see the artist perform instead of all these crazy production values that you get on award shows. We don't need to see people hanging from the ceiling, 50 dancers on stage, explosions, and elton john coming out of the floor with a glitter piano.
    I like my performances to be barebone but crowd moving. Everything else i mentioned just seem like a distraction.

  16. Thank you Soulrific.

  17. I still don't see the andre 3000 comparison. I mean she doesnt wear wigs and crazy costumes....her uniform is almost the same everytime you see her from her standard black n white to the hairstyle. SHe is a flat out singer where as andre is a rapper that trys to sing but pulls it off for the material its meant for.

  18. my favorite part is when she she doesn't take off her clothes and shake her azz. give it up for real talent!

  19. THIS DESPERATELY REMINDS ME OF A BLACK-FACE MINSTREL SHOW. This chick is overrated...can barely keep my ADD at bay. NEXT!!!

  20. awesome performance. Anyone calling this minstrelsy is an idiot and doesn't know what a minstrel show is. I don't see how she's "copying" Dre3000 either, because the sound is completely different. 3000 is more modeled after prince, and she is definitely a student of James Brown. The funky band, the dances, the CAPE? How do you get 3000 from that? Talent-wise, she reminds me most of early Tevin Campbell when he was backed by Quincy Jones. That mixture of amazing talent at young age with a voice that most adult singers couldn't match. I see her doing some amazing things. I just hope the music industry doesn't destroy her like they do a lot of up and coming artists.

  21. James Brown's funky goddaughter! Hell yeah!